8 Nov 2018


All presents from Mr T, none of them read for a challenge. As is generally the case with my multiple reviews rather than the Back/Inner Front Cover Blurb, the synopsis (which, by the way, here supplied by Penguin/Random House, may contain spoilers) can be found by clicking on the book title. Apologies that I shan't be including a First Sentence or my Memorable Moment but, with four reviews albeit shorter than usual, I feel the post long enough. TT

Book of Shadows (Sweep, #1)The Coven (Wicca, #2)
Blood Witch (Wicca, #3)Awakening (Wicca, #5)

Announcements dispensed with, I'll now proceed with my review of Book 1; BOOK OF SHADOWS, Book 2; THE COVEN, Book 3; BLOOD WITCH, Book 5; AWAKENING in Cate Tiernan's Wicca series which, by the way is known as the Sweep series in the US;  Sorcière Das Buch der Schatten in Germany.

MY THOUGHTS ... Having started with book 4 in the series, DARK MAGICK (which by the way, though a book I really enjoyed, as it turns out I actually thought the weakest of the five books) I was so intrigued that, not only had I to go back and find on just how Morgan's story began, BUT I had to find out what happened next which is just as well as all the books end on a cliff-hanger of one sort or another; each beginning where the previous left off.

Not the best written books I've ever read, there's a certain amount of repetitive exposition and, overall, the earlier books are certainly pretty poorly executed, BUT just as many adults would class Harry Potter their 'guilty pleasure' read, I hold my hands up; these books are amongst mine.

Way up there as a firm favourite when it comes to  stories about journeys of self discovery, the Wicca element - OK so not to everyone's taste and I dare bet there will be people put off by it but there really is so much to the books, honestly - making it that little bit different. 

There's lots of teenage angst; 'just exactly who am I?' type questions asked ... and  answered, there's romance, there's the family dynamics, relationships tested; friendships and allegiances made and broken, religious identity questioned ... I could go on.

Gripped from the offset. The story of what might be described as an unequal friendship; two childhood friends, one 'hot', the other, not so much so, clash over the super cute new guy whose arrival proves to have far reaching implications for one of them. The author sets her stall out perfectly so to speak in book 1, Book Of Shadows.

In both The Coven (book 2) and Blood Witch (book 3) there are some great plot developments as Morgan makes yet ever more discoveries about her heritage and we, the readers, get to know more about the mysterious, hot new guy who, being English is bound to be a baddie, right? 😉

A great role model in many ways (strong and feisty and, unlike many of her friends to say nothing of the usual heroine in books of this genre, 'average'/'girl next door' when it comes to her looks) and yet Morgan, is beginning to trouble me. In danger of 'doing a 'Bella Swan'; whilst she certainly hasn't gotten to the stage where she is incapable of surviving without the validation of Cal, I'm hoping she's going to see him for what he is .. and soon.

Though not so keen on the so-called 'insta love' that occurs (but then I'm not the target audience who may feel very differently about it), it has to be said that, other than this, book 5, Awakening is my favourite, and what I felt to be the strongest, book in the series so far.  

There is some significant character development (and not just with the major characters) and, so far not too dark, we get to see some darker aspects when it comes to the magick. But most of all, in a great plot development, some homophobia results in us seeing a whole new dimension to Morgan.

With what I believe to be 10 more books still to go, I can't wait to read what is next in store.


Kelly said...

Well, as I noted on your first review, I don't think this is really my cup of tea - for several reasons, not the least being there are ten more books to go! I'm glad it paid off for you, though, to go back and catch up given the first book you read ended up being your least favorite.

As for my comment about witches on your earlier review... I've gone so far as to add the first Tiffany Aching book to my Kindle. I think there are only five Discworld stories that feature her and her fellow witches (one of which I've already read), so that should be manageable. :)

Love Affair with Food said...

To me this sounds like an interesting series. Thank you for your review!

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

I'm afraid that this series is all wrong for me on several fronts; from the content of the storylines themselves, to the fact that none of the episodes has a definitive ending making it something of a 'serial' and forcing you to own all the books to discover the true ending, to the sheer volume of books in the series to date - I would stand no chance of ever catching up!

It sounds as though the remaining books in the series might be on your Christmas wishliat this year and on a more positive note, the cover art looks great.

Thanks for sharing and I hope that all is well with you :)


Brian Joseph said...

Though I could see how these are interesting, they may have a little too much teen angst for me. The series is a long one. I wonder if the much later books live up to the standards of the earlier ones.

nightwingsraven said...

As with your review of the fourth
book, I am also very uncertain about
#1-3,5. But perhaps I would try the
first book.

Sherry Ellis said...

That's a lengthy series! Reminds me of the Series of Unfortunate Events books by Lemony Snicket. There were 13 in that series.

The Bookworm said...

Glad you are enjoying these, I know what you mean about the guilty pleasure reads, they are fun. My qualm with young adult is definitely the insta love and the teenage angst.
Enjoy your weekend!

Alexia561 said...

How sweet of Mr T to get these for you! Love a man who knows the way to his woman's heart is through books. :)

I haven't heard of this series but it does sound like something I'd enjoy. And I agree about guilty pleasure books. Some just grab you for some reason.

Hope you and the Mister are doing well! I think of you and smile every time I see a hedgehog (no real ones yet, but am surprised how many pop up as toys, stationery, and the like)!

DMS said...

This series sounds right up my alley. I love that you read the 4th one first and then went back to start the series. Awesome! Hope you enjoy the rest of them just as much as the first four!

Karen Alderman said...

10 more books! Yikes lol but I'm impressed that you still like the series after 5 books.

Karen @ For What It's Worth