31 Aug 2018


THE DAY THAT A RAN AWAY by B.C.R. FEGAN (With illustrations by LENNY WEN).

Master Jet has forgotten to complete his homework... or has he? Jet's teacher is surprised to find that instead of the alphabet, his page is completely blank. Jet tries to explain that it really isn't his fault. After all, how can he help it, if none of his letters want to stay on the page!
- Back cover Blurb

'Oh no!' said the teacher. 'Master Jet'
You haven't written the alphabet.'
First Sentence, Page not numbered

D's scared of school
and went into hiding.
E followed next. 
I think he went riding.
- Memorable Moment, Page not numbered

SOURCE ... Received with thanks from the Publishing Department at TaleBlade. The Day That A Ran Away is to be released tomorrow (1st September).


MY THOUGHTS ... After numbers in Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32, the talented duo that is B.C.R. Fegan and Lenny Wen turn their hands to what else but the alphabet in a book that, clever and imaginative; written in rhyme with glorious illustrations and, of course, that little twist at the end which is sure to raise a smile, is one of the best of its kind.

The rhymes (admittedly the occasional one a little odd to my adult ears) are fun and flow well with a sing-song feel about them; a must as anyone who has ever read a book over and over again (as will doubtlessly happen here) knows only too well.

The illustrations take the form of colourful, eye-catching monsters in a way that is sure to appeal to the little, err, monsters in your life, the letters A through to Z given a life all of their own as they decide not to help Master Jet's endeavours to complete his homework, each having their own reasons for not showing up.

Have a child who struggles to learn their letters, who thinks their ABC boring? You may have to look no further ....


Kelly said...

This sounds really cute and fun. I was already smiling having just read the back blurb. :)

Melliane said...

it's a really cute cover

nightwingsraven said...

With the imaginative concept
of all the letters from A to
Z having a life of their own
and the gorgeous illustrations.
This book sounds like a playful,
creative and lovely way to learn
the alphabet.

Suko said...

This sounds like a super fun way to approach the ABCs. Terrific review!