7 Jul 2018



Have you ever wondered what a Dragon likes to do for fun? Or what he might look like? Even what he likes to eat. Is it ice cream or pasta? Then ‘I am a Dragon you see’ will reveal all these mysteries and more. Go on an adventure with a fun repeating rhyme and colourful illustrations. A fun way of learning about the importance of friendship and kindness.
- Back cover Blurb

Flying around
I am purple and green,
I have two golden horns that glitter and gleam,
All because,
I'm A Dragon you see.
- First Verse

I love to party and dance around, 
Shaking my booty low to the ground.
The only ones who see my moves
Are the snakes, mice and rabbits and an owl called Hoooo,
Because, I'm A Dragon you see.
- Memorable Moment, Page Unnumbered

SOURCE ... A late comer to the David Kirkman I'm A Dragon You See Blog Tour. With thanks to Faye of Authoright for providing a copy of the book.


MY THOUGHTS ... Strictly speaking aimed at wee ones aged four to eight but, lets face it, I'm sure this will prove a hit with older siblings, the child-minder, parents, grand parents, auntys and uncles and teachers ... after all who can resist a dragon and especially one as cute as this one? 

Written in verse, the repetition of the tag line meaning little ones will soon get to know what's coming and will doubtlessly take great pleasure in joining in with the mantra ....'I'm A Dragon You See'

This is a fun read beautifully depicted in bright, all most child-like illustrations by the author himself that though essentially the story about how everyone needs friends, yes, even dragons, we also get to learn what your average dragon likes to bathe in, eat and do in their spare time along the way.


Brian Joseph said...

I love the cover art. The colors are striking and I like how the creatures are depicted. I think that some children, and as you mention, some adults, will love this book.

Kelly said...

This sounds like a really cute book and I, too, like the cover art. Purple and green were my favorites as a child.

Suko said...

This sounds like a fun and informative dragon book. Super review!

nightwingsraven said...

I, too love the cover art.
And from what you said in
your review this sounds like
a humorous and beautiful book
about dragons.

Melliane said...

oh that's a really cute cover

Sherry Ellis said...

Sounds like a cute story for kids!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

AW, this sounds really cute! I like that it has a repetitive nature (with the title) so it makes for a fun read-aloud, I'd imagine.


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

This sounds cute! Would make a good pressie for the holidays.