9 Aug 2016


If I was a person who swore, you can put money on the fact that the air would now be positively blue. 

Having just posted my review of this book, it has somehow been deleted and as I have already given my copy away there will be no First Sentence OR Memorable Moment. TT


AMAZON.CO.UK BLURB: Four thousand years ago, a great war took place among the gods, which shattered their heavenly realm. This Sundering created the land of Myrillia, where near-invincible gods live amongst men.

Yet the weapon that fashioned the Sundering may also strike down the immortals, as failed Shadowknight Tylar discovers. He witnesses the death of a god, whose blood heals his deformities but brands him a Godslayer and a hunted criminal.

Tylar flees with now god-like powers, seeking to avenge the god's death and clear his name. He must ultimately confront the greatest god of all and face the supreme treachery ...

MY THOUGHTS: OK, so reviewed a while after I've read the book but, despite a page of notes, most of the characters and plot of Shadowfall have largely passed me by - not a memorable read then and obviously the reason for my 'I did not like it' rating.

Set in a world populated by Gods and mere mortals - none of whose names I can remember though I do recall a crippled Shadowknight, an orphan become handmaiden (Dart?) and a thief - many of whom are 'hands' to the various Gods. Gods who are magical, made all powerful by their bodily fluids no less.

Ah yes, the humours. Obviously integral to the plot, original (as a plot device in a sci-fi novel that is, it is of course nothing new in ancient medicine) and interesting I'll give the author that, BUT why oh why the constant mention? The stench of the 'hand' whose job it is to collect one God's black bile (that's faeces to me and you), the 'hand' whose job it is to collect another God's semen. 

A book I had started to read several times before but hadn't made beyond the first few chapters and the rather graphically described rape of a young girl. I finished it this time on the recommendation of a friend who swore it got better - Dart's(?) sort-of sort-of-not imaginary 'canine' companion aside, it didn't - and, of course, the fact that it fitted in well with a Reading Challenge.

Read for the ....


Natasha Hill said...

Ah no, I hate it when posts get deleted or the page refreshes on it's own and then you lose your words! I've done it many a time. Sorry this book didn't live up to it's expectations for you either, the premise of it sounded really good, but I've had a few books recently where I just couldn't get into them either. Hoping the next one will be better for you! - Tasha

Literary Feline said...

I am sorry our lost your review. That's so aggravating. It's happened to me too, unfortunately, and ended up cursing up a blue streak. It's too bad this book wasn't better for you.

Kelly said...

Oh dear... it sounds like this was an epic fail from start to finish. All the worse that it was so lengthy! A bit ironic that it was a book you didn't like to begin in that you had to recreate the review after the first disappearing.

I hope your reads since this one have been far more enjoyable.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

It's been a while since the internet ate one of my posts but I feel your pain. Sorry this one wasn't a winner for you.

Brian Joseph said...

Losing work in the digital world is frustrating beyond belief.

I find it disconcerting that there are books and films that having experienced I badly remember. As you mention, it is not a good sign as to the quality of the work.

I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who takes a lot notes while reading :)

Melliane said...

I tried a series by the author but I still need to finish it. I didn't know about this one though

Tracy Terry said...

The first book in a trilogy, there have seemingly been problems with the series in that this was published in 2006, the second (Hinterland) in 2007 and readers are still waiting for the final instalment.