28 Jun 2016


Remember this post introducing you to a Poetry Slam Champion? Well today its my pleasure to be reviewing his book ...

GROWN UP by Scott Tyrrell.

SOURCE: Belonging to Mr T, off our shelves.

Not renowned for my love of poetry - I much prefer to have it read to me than read by me - I was delightfully surprised by just how much I actually enjoyed this collection by Scott Tyrell.

Of course with some 29 verses with topics as varied as  'Coitus Interruptus' (my favourite) and 'Where The Wild Things Are - A Literary Critique By Toby Tyrrell, aged 18 Months' there were bound to be some poems I liked more than others but on the whole I found this a funny, refreshing selection.


Kelly said...

Poetry is one of those things I have to be in the mood for and, as you said... there are always some I like more than others in any collection.

I'm glad this was a hit for you.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

"Coitus Interruptus"? Oh really? LOL I need to read more poetry and so this one might be a good one to get into.

Literary Feline said...

This sounds like a fun collection. :-) I am glad you enjoyed it.

Suko said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this collection, Tracy! I'm guessing you appreciated the humor in these poems.

Brian Joseph said...

This sounds good.

I think listening to poetry read out loud is a perfectly valid way of experiencing it. In fact, it may be abetter then reading it oneself.