26 May 2016


A while since I've participated in Tag, I'd like to thank Tasha of Through Tasha's Camera along with the several FaceBook friends for including me in this 

To answer Tasha's well thought out questions ....

  • My favourite gemstone? I suppose I'd have to go with my birthstone which is an amethyst. Not just because it is my birthstone, I love the different hues of this purple stone. And then of course, a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes, it is said to promote calm, balance, and peace.
  • Ooh! A hard one, if I had to spend the day as any historical figure, who would it be and why? I've only spent two days pondering on this - Adolf Hitler? Florence Nightingale? Mary Shelley? I eventually decided on suffragette Emily Davison who died four days after an event that occurred at the 1913 Epsom Derby. With opinion divided as to whether or not she was promoting the cause of the suffragette movement by disrupting the race or it was merely an accident that she fell in front of the King's horse, I'd really like to spend a day, though not necessarily that day, as her.
  • Do I have a favourite genre of film, and if so, why? Hmm, do you know its almost easier to pick a genre that I won't watch. Looking through our DVD collection, animated films and comedies seem to feature quite prominently so I'm going with animated films and comedies.
  • What a great question. I don't have to think twice about this one. Snowball was my favourite toy as a child. Snowy white (hence the inventive name) and incredibly soft, I loved this little rabbit with all my heart and soul. Sadly though the years were not kind to Snowball and no longer white or soft AND missing an eye to say nothing of his tail Mr T, believing him flea ridden, insisted it was either him or my childhood companion.
  • The last book I read that I'd recommend to everyone? As you may remember reading here, I'm not in the habit of recommending books (preferring to merely chronicle my thoughts on them) BUT for those looking for a read about relationships and the human condition I'd not hesitate in suggesting The A To Z Of Normal by Helen Barbour. 
  • Ah! The best piece of advice I've ever been given? Whilst no one particular piece of advice comes to mind it was doubtlessly given to me my nana. Then again, it could well have been Mr T advising me that my starting a blog would be good for me.
  • Who would be my dream dinner guests and why? Without a doubt .... Bram Stoker as I'd love to know his thoughts on 'modern' vampires who go all glittery in the sunlight etc. Then there would be Elvis Presley in the hope that he'd belt out a tune or two. Oh and John Barrowman especially if he came dressed as Captain Jack.
  • Day or night? Its a standard joke in our house that, neither a night owl (though I'm increasingly finding myself so) nor a lark, there is only mid-day when I'm particularly human so can I answer mid-day?
  • If space travel became a possibility overnight, where would I go? Do you know I really don't know. I don't like the heat so probably not Venus (I am right in thinking this is the hottest planet, aren't I?). I tend to feel my various aches and pains more in the cold so definitely not Neptune. I know how about the fictional planet in the Star Wars films which saw that bar scene?
  • Now this one I can answer. If time travel were real, I'd go to ancient Egypt as which mad cat woman could possibly resist a society which worshipped cats? And besides which I'd love to know just how extensive their medical knowledge actually was.
And so onto the difficult part, my questions which, because not only are they good blogger buddies but I know they've played along in these tags before, go to ...

Kelly of Kelly's Thoughts & Ramblings
Barbara @ March House Of Time Books
Literary Feline @ Musings Of A Bookish Kitty
Sherry of Mama Diaries
Anyone else should they wish to play along

  1. Given that they say your old mobile/cell phone could make you serious money, which old object(s) do you have stashed away in a draw collecting dust?
  2. 'Mork and Mindy', 'Fantasy Island', just two of the tv prorgammes from my childhood that I'd love to see repeated. Which of your childhood programmes would you love to see again?
  3. If I were to say 'iconic film' to you which scene/saying from what film would first come to mind?
  4. 'Aunty Taitty', 'Mrs T'. Apart from your given name, which other name(s) are you/have you been known by?
  5. I'm taking you for a meal, as well as a main course do you opt for a starter OR a pudding? (I'm too mean to pay for both) And what would it be?
  6. You may not like them (I know I don't) BUT if you had to go to a fancy dress party what would be your costume of choice and why?
  7. Superstitious? Care to share any of your superstitions with us?
  8. Which person (or animal for that matter) would you most like to be able to impersonate? 
  9. Presuming you didn't have an imaginary friend as a child which book character would you have liked as an imaginary friend?
  10. As you have worked so hard, a quick fire round. Tea or coffee? Sweet or savoury? Clean shaven or with a beard?
Anything else?

Ah yes, the 'rules' ...
  1. Thank the blogger for the award given
  2. Answer the ten questions given to you
  3. Nominate a further 10 bloggers for this award
  4. Write another 10 questions for those bloggers to answer
  5. Display the award on your blog or in a post.


Barbara said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your answers Tracy and can see you thought about them. Thank you for tagging me, excellent questions, which will take some thinking about, but I would love to participate and will do so asap, thank you!

I’ve been looking for your Twitter name, so I can follow you, but no luck so far. Of course, I might already be following you, but I’m not really sure (my poor old brain can hardly cope with it all hehe) I’ve just followed you on Pinterest, in case I don’t find you on Twitter. This is me on Twitter @MarchHouseBooks
Have a great weekend. x

Kelly said...

Posts like this are always fun to read and I don't mind joining in. (it may take a week or so for me to get a post ready)

I enjoyed reading your answers and answering along in my mind, as well. You may remember I had a post once about "who would your guests be?" at a fantasy dinner party.

Posts like this can take a great deal of thought!

Yanting Gueh said...

Lol you have great answers, Tracy. I especially like that mid-day kind of person one. And well done, Mr. T., for encouraging Tracy to start a blog!

Suko said...

I agree with Claudine--your answers are interesting and wonderful, and well written, too, of course! Have a terrific weekend, Tracy.

Gina said...

A riot as usual. I always have trouble coming up with interesting answers. ☺

Brian Joseph said...

Very interesting answers Tracy.

It would indeed be interesting to get Bram Stoker's opinion on today's crop of dateable vampires. Somehow I would like to think that he would not approve.

LL Cool Joe said...

Your answers were great! I was watching the original film footage of Emily Davison jumping out in front of the horse. It was in slow motion. It seemed to me that she knew exactly what she was doing. What a brave woman.

I may steal one set of questions! Or a mixture of both, I hope that's okay?

Natasha said...

I loved your answers Tracy, and thank you for picking this up and doing a post on it too - much appreciated. I loved your answer to the space travel question - I would have answered with something from Star Wars too! And amethysts are gorgeous, you're right and Ancient Egypt would be my ideal time travel destination as well. - Tasha

Literary Feline said...

What fun! I enjoyed reading your answers, Tracy. And you've given me something to think about with your own questions. :-) I loved your response as to which historical figure you would want to spend the day with. And, I agree, mid-day is the best time of day!