17 Dec 2015


What will you be reading on the 1st of January? Love books that have different ways of telling a story? Care to join us reading those books of 600+ pages? These challenges might be of interest.

1st a

Sheila (Book Journey) will once again be hosting her annual First Book Of The Year event when the the posts of what we are reading on January 1st will go live.

The third year Sheila has hosted the event, you do not need to be finished reading the book on the 1st, just reading it then.

Want to join in the fun?

You can do so by registering here.

Created by Shooting Stars Mag who, loving books that have different means of telling a story, decided to create ...

Not usually a fan of the letter/diary/email format as you know (though there are exceptions such as the wonderful Click series by Lisa Becker) so perhaps the Unique Formattting Book Challenge isn't one for me but I'm sure many of you will be interested sooooo for more details click here.

And finally care to join Kelly (Kelly's Thoughts & Ramblings) and I in a less formal challenge. Kelly's brainchild, I'll hand it over to her to explain.

I don't mind tackling lengthy books and have read a number of them in recent years.  However, I still have quite a few on my shelf that have been sitting there for decades (literally) and it's time to read them!  For that reason, I'm embarking on a personal "Tome Challenge" during 2016.  My plan is to read at least six books of 600 pages or more over the course of the year.  Anyone who would like to join me is welcome - nothing official (no sign up page, no clever graphic), just a desire to get through some of those "tomes" that might be languishing on your shelf (or in your Kindle).
- Kelly.

Hmm, six books? I'm not sure I've even got six books of six hundred plus pages on my TBR pile but that's the beauty of Kelly's proposal.

Signed up for/hoping to take part in any challenges? I'd love to know.

PS For those of you interested in Christmas legends may I mention I've added another link to this post

Old World Legends Of Christmas: Santa's Naughty Little Helpers (Krampus) A guest post and giveaway comes courtesy of Matt Manochio on Michelle's Christmas Spirit blog.


Kelly said...

Thanks for including me here, Tracy - even if mine isn't a "real" challenge. If anyone joins us, I hope I have a way of knowing so I can come visit their review posts.

These other two challenges are so unique and interesting! I'm tempted to join in...

Gina R said...

Hmm. Perhaps I'll participate in a challenge this year...as there is a first time for everything. Thanks got the share and good luck w/that tome one!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Good luck with meeting your goals :)

Literary Feline said...

I look forward to seeing what you are reading on the first, Tracy! I likely won't be posting that day. I will have family in town and won't be on the computer. And I have no idea as of right now what I'll likely be reading that day.

Enjoy reading those big books!

I will be doing at least two challenges and The TBR Triple Dog Dare. We'll see if I add any more on as we go. :-)

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm not a challenge person, I'm afraid. However I shall be following a few, courtesy of fellow bloggers who have signed up and will no doubt be publishing their progress on a regular basis.

I do try not to buy tomes of such magnitude of more than 600 pages, so I admire yourself and Kelly for setting such an ambitious challenge. I shall definitely be following your progress posts and final reviews, as often as possible :)

I'm now wondering just what your opening books will be?

I hope that your Christmas plans are well under way and that you can get a relaxing weekend :)


Gingi Freeman said...

Looking forward to seeing what youre reading in 2016!! <3 - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

Sandra Cox said...

I read this and thought, 600 pages, yikes that's a lot. Then looked at the book I was reading and it has 525 pages:) so maybe its not as bad as it sounds.
Have a great one.

ClaudineGueh@CarryUsOffBooks said...

Tracy, you and your friends have got some wonderful reading challenges next year! The only reason I don't join is that I'm unpredictable in picking my next to-read. I have tomes on my shelf, but seriously, I don't think I'll be able to get through 6 in a year! (Probably 2 maximum.)Enjoy the challenges!

Brian Joseph said...

These challenges and events are so interesting.

I should have participated in the Tome Challenge in 2015 as I read a bunch of huge books this year.

First book of the year looks to be a lot of fun. If I can figure out what I will be reading in time to get a post up I will try to join in.