17 Nov 2015


TEN ZANY BIRDS by SHERRY ELLIS (With illustrations by Charu Jain).

BACK COVER BLURB: Ten zany birds, singing in a tree,
dance at a party, happy as can be.
Five with stripes, four with spots, 
one with purple polka dots.

When ten little birds get together, it's a feathered festival! The party would last forever, if none of the ten friends were so easily distracted.

One by one, each little bird finds something new to do. Some see other animals to play with. Some get hungry, and one stinky bird really needs a bath. Who's going to be left in the tree at the end of the party? A spotted bird, a striped bird, or the one with purple polka dots?

FIRST VERSE: See the first verse, back cover blurb.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: A gray, sneaky cat crouching near a bush, jumps as a green bird scares it with a WOOSH.

SOURCE: A huge thanks to Sherry who knowing how much Little Plum and I had enjoyed That Mama Is A Grouch kindly sent us a copy of this, her latest book.

MY THOUGHTS: First things first, what amazing illustrations, colourful and funny. Both Little Plum (four and a bit) and Elf (not quite two) spent ages looking at them, Plum certainly discovering new things with each reading.

Not that its just about the pictures, the numbers or, as enjoyable and as much fun as it is, the verse alone. 

For younger ones, whether it be colour recognition, 'spot the ...' whatever it is you pick to spot (Plum and I particularly enjoyed spotting the spider on each page) or indeed simply discussing which bird is your favourite and why this is one of those extremely versatile books with lots of great uses. 

Then of course, a great choice for slightly older children, ideal for developing reading skills, Ten Zany Birds will I've no doubt become a book they'll grow to love reading aloud themselves.


Kelly said...

I love the cover and I love the sound of this all around. In fact, I might get it for my grandkids just so I can enjoy it first!

Kelly said...

Done! (nothing like "one-click" impulse buys at Amazon) I can read it to them at Thanksgiving next week then send it home with them. (and enjoy it myself before then)

Sherry Ellis said...

Tracy, thank you so much for this wonderful review! I really appreciate it!

Sherry Ellis said...

Thanks, Kelly, for the purchase! I hope your grandkids enjoy the book!

carol said...

I can think of a couple of little ones that this would be perfect for.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great review for Sherry's book!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Tracy! Thanks for reviewing Ten Zany Birds written by my dear friend Sherry Ellis. First off, the book boasts an eye-catching cover. Once inside, the young reader will find a lot more to like including captivating story line, colorful illustrations and fun learning games. Sherry gave us a winner with TZB!

Gina said...

Aww, this looks adorable! Great share!

Literary Feline said...

This sounds like such fun! I can definitely see this being a hit with the younger set.

Melliane said...

It sounds like a great one for the youngest

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh how wonderful! I can see why kids would love this one!