16 Sep 2015


WHAT'S IN A NAME 2015Six books - or to be more precise, two thousand, seven hundred and ninety-four pages - three of them historical fiction, two of them crime novel (one of them with a supernatural twist) and one non-fiction, all of them books I already had in the house. I managed this years What's In A Name? challenge in eight months and actually enjoyed all of the books bar one.
  • Two Brothers by Ben Elton. Slightly let down at times by the writing, the author having a tendency to lecture nevertheless a tremendous read, Ben Elton can certainly tell a story.
  • The Aye-Aye And I by Gerald Durrell. Perhaps best described as a travelogue come conservation. Sadly frail and without his usual vigour this was to be the author's last journey before he passed away three years later.
  • Private London by James Patterson. An implausible plot and cheesy dialogue and yet still highly readable, perfect for those nights when sleep alluded me.
  • The White Princess and The King's Curse both by Philippa Gregory. Books five and six in the Cousins War series. Both well written as I've come to expect from this authors. The first, not the strongest book in the series. The latter, back on track, the most gripping book in the series.

My thanks once again to Charlie over at The Worm Hole for organising yet another great challenge, weren't the categories wonderful?

Here's looking forward to the 2016 challenge.

And now for details of the 2015 Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon (details and schedule here, I'm sure its not too late to join in the fun) hosted by Tressa over at Wishful Endings.

Having participated in a challenge the aim of which was to tackle your TBR pile several moons ago I once again find my TBR pile (in this case more of a mountain than a pile) in need of tackling and what better way than this?

OK, a day or two late in posting about this, my apologies, but I'm more than eager to finish my current read (this month's reading group choice, The Sleep Walker's Guide To Dancing by Mari Jacob) and begin tackling a pile that, amongst other books begging to be read, includes ...

3aAnd last but by no means least I'd like to announce this years Banned Book Week.

Its now the middle of September which only means one thing in the world of literature.

Yes, its that of year time thoughts turn to Banned Book Week when Sheila over at Book Journey will once again be hosting a week of reviews and great discussions. 

Care to join in by ...

  • Sharing a favourite banned book post
  • Reading/reviewing a banned book
  • Writing a post about why banning is wrong 
  • Sharing a personal experience with a banned book in your area
  • Posting an interview with the author of a banned book?
You can sign up here.

A previous participant, this year I'm considering perhaps re-reading and reviewing one of the these books - who would have thought it ...
  • The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz .. BANNED for promoting 'unwholesome' values
  • Harry Potter .. BANNED as being a 'masterpiece of satanic deception'
  • Alice's Adventures In Wonderland .. BANNED for its 'allusions to mind-altering substances and it being 'disastrous' to depict 'animals and human beings on the same level
OR perhaps ...

Posting about my experience of reading The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas (if you haven't already done so you can read my review here), a book that though I don't think it should be banned had me thinking really hard about the subject.


Literary Feline said...

Congratulations on completing the What's In a Name Challenge! This is the first year in a while I haven't participated. I may look back on my reading this year at some point though and see how close I came to meeting the criteria. I have not been able to follow through with any challenge this year. I'm just not feeling it. That may be the morning blahs though--and I am getting sick. Check back in with me next week and we'll see what I say. Haha

Gina R said...

So glad you completed the challenge AND enjoyed the reads! Not an easy task. Looking forward to seeing your posts for Banned Books Week. Amazing what titles are banned and why. Read the three you listed and I'm perfectly fine... ^-^

Kelly said...

Well done! I'm always impressed with your reading accomplishments.

I would consider the Banned Book challenge, but I'm currently wrapped up in R.I.P. and have a few others that need to be read as well.

Funny you mentioned Middlesex. I've had that in my Kindle since Jenners recommended it, if that tells you anything! Maybe your review will inspire me to move it up the pile.

Natasha Hill said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge! I had no idea all of those books were banned either, that's so strange, especially when you look at the reasons why too. I remember reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and just being really enchanted by it, and the others too but I suppose there can always be hidden meanings within certain works, I find it really interesting! Will definitely have to check out all of the books you listed too. - Tasha

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I have read a banned book - ok it was only Harry Potter! I think reading your blog is going to widen my reading list - I tend to stick with familiar authors/genres!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Glad you enjoyed your challenge.

I do like the sound of the banned challenge. Not doing more at this time, but might have to think on it for the future.

Romance Reader said...

Great that you completed the challenge! Way to go!

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Awesome job with the What's in a Name Challenge? So cool that you already had the books too. :) I am just about to start reading Alice in Wonderland- and hadn't realized it was a banned book.

Happy reading!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge! I love banned books week - some of the best books are banned. :)

Brian Joseph said...

Congratulations on completing the What's in a Name? challenge.

I am looking forward to Banned Book Week and all the interesting posts as well as thoughts and conversations that are generated.

It seems that almost every famous book was banned at sometime or another so I often find myself reading a banned book during Banned Book Week purely by chance.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

Whew! I'm tired out just trying to keep up with all your challenges this year.

I'm afraid I haven't joined up for any challenges for some time now, as I simply don't get enough quality reading time to ever hope to complete one, which is a pity, as I use to enjoy the 'What's In A Name' challenge.

I shall be interested to read about which book you chose for the 'Banned Books' challenge. I found this list and had to smile at some of the listed books ...


Good to see that even 'Fifty Shades' made the cut in Malaysia "The entire trilogy was banned in Malaysia from 2015 for containing "sadistic" material and "threat to morality"" .... Really!!

Happy Reading :)