28 Aug 2015


What a great way to learn some more about our blogger buddies. I saw this tag on Through Tasha's Camera and simply had to join in the fun.

Hmm, Mr T, books and hedgehogs you know about but (in no particular order) what of the other things I love .... 

#1 Candles, I love candles (though I have to be careful that they aren't too scented). And just as much as the candles themselves I have what is probably an even bigger passion for ...

#2 Candle holders.

#3 Balloons. Not so much the ones that burst easily with a big bang but the 'happy birthday' 'get well soon' etc helium balloons that have become so popular over recent years. 

#4 Yellow. My favourite colour. Bright and cheerful. Our bedroom is painted in the most glorious rubber-duck yellow. Arguably not a restful colour but it instantly brightens my day on waking.

#4 Baskets. I once heard a comedian ask what it was with women of a certain age and baskets (I wish I could remember who it was). Of a 'certain age' myself now I admit I've developed a bit of a thing for baskets.

#5 Guide books. Not that I'd ever dream of doing anything as sensible as buying a travel guide before we went on holiday but once there I have to buy a guide book of everywhere we visit whether it be home or away. In fact such is my obsession that returning from our Mediterranean cruise we found ourselves paying a hefty excess luggage fee - the reason? Yeah, you guessed - guide books.

#6 Good news stories. I love it when I come across a story that renews my faith in human nature. You know the sort I mean? The so-called teenage yob who people cross the road to avoid who saves his elderly neighbour from her burning house, that sort of thing.

#7 Peanut butter and sliced banana on toast. What we refer to as bannofee toast and currently my breakfast of choice.

#8 Having a good sort out. We've recently shredded more old paper work than I care to think about, filled our recycling bin three times over and sent a whole load of unwanted goods to the PDSA charity shop.

#9 Smiles. Like being polite a smile costs nothing. Like yellow they brighten the day.

#10 My various health issues. Yes, I know it sounds odd BUT I'd like to think my various health issues (those surrounding my mobility or lack there of in particular) have contributed in making me that little bit more considerate/tolerant of those with their own issues.

And as for the things I hate?

#1. My various health issues. I hate the pain. I hate the not necessarily being able to just get up and go. I dislike (and in equal measure/depending on my mood that day find funny) the people who ask Mr T how I am despite the fact that I'm sat there. 

#2 Doctors. Not all doctors, just those (and in particular I'm talking hospital consultants) who rather than see you as a whole person simply see you as the 'leg', the 'head' .... the whatever part of the body they specialise in.

#3 Cruelty to vulnerable people/animals. I don't think I need say any more on this one.

#3 Rudeness. After all a 'please'/'thank you' costs nothing.

#4 Attention seeking on FaceBook. This might seem trivial when you think of all the 'casual' racism/sexism on the various social network sites (#5 and #6 on my list) BUT I'm beginning to develop a low tolerance for those who leave cryptic messages - I'm annoyed', 'Feeling devastated' - only for when you enquire as to what is wrong reply 'I don't want to talk about it.' Aggghhh. If you don't want to talk about it don't put it on FaceBook.

#7 Lateness. OK so circumstances dictate that we can all be late from time to time but I'm talking about the people who are constantly late.

#8 People who don't stop to think. Let me explain. I'm getting increasingly annoyed by those who complain when they see an outwardly healthy individual using a toilet meant for disabled users/using a disabled parking space etc. Not all disabilities are obvious.

#9 Inconsiderate planning. Talking of toilets ... I can become hugely irate over some toilets for disabled people. Obviously designed by able bodied individuals, they (the toilets that is) are sometimes less than useless.

#10 My becoming an increasingly grumpy old(ish) woman. (Say nothing Mr T).

Hmm, surprisingly cathartic. Care to brighten your day/get something off your chest? Please be sure to share your top ten loves and hates with us.


Brandi Kosiner said...

I also deal with some health issues, and it sucks in some ways, but I agree it has opened my eyes to certain things and issues

Gina R said...

Surprised by some, not by others. Great share as always Tracey!

Kelly said...

Your list of loves made me smile and I find myself wishing I could see your bright yellow bedroom. It sounds so cheerful! As for your hates... well I can certainly claim a number of them as my own.

I'll spare your comments section a full list, but a few of my loves would include homemade hummus (since I discovered how easy it is to make and vary, I can't seem to get enough), the unconditional love I receive from my dogs, and the sights and sounds of nature in my little neck of the woods. Possibly one of my greatest hates is "worry" - something I know I have control over, yet seem to have trouble controlling.

Sherry Ellis said...

Like you, I like smiles! And I dislike rudeness. Nice to read these answers!

Literary Feline said...

I love candles too. I don't have many because of the cats though. I have a thing for baskets also. :-) Smiles are the best!

I am right there with you when it comes to rudeness, doctors, and cruelty to vulnerable people an animals.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I love your loves and I so agree with your hates. Especially #2 and #3.

Brian Joseph said...

This is a great post Tracy.

I also love guide books. i am the type of person who pours through them and creates detailed but flexible plans before trips.

The things that you dislike are things that drive me crazy too, particularly cruelty, rudeness and lateness.

DMS said...

So fun to learn more about you, Tracy! I am a bit obsessed with candles and candle holders. I love tea lights and have them all over my house. When I light them all it looks like a magical land in my house. :)

I hate rudeness and cruelty too!

Have a happy weekend.