27 Jul 2015


Please Note: Whilst I endeavour to keep Media Monday family friendly some of the newspapers featured do have links to articles of a more adult nature.

Cows in Hungerford could be fitted with fluorescent lights and hi-viz vests to protect them from speeding motorists at night.

A Hampshire hospital has apologised for sending a 99 year old great-grandmother an antenatal appointment.

A letter addressed to 'Your man Henderson, that boy with the glasses' made it 85 miles from Belfast to a small town in Donegal.

A gun alert which saw armed police sweep on a quiet Worcestershire high street was triggered by a tennis racket mistakenly reported as a firearm

Must see images of the week .....

A picture showing the moment Milo, a six month old cat from Cumbria, wakes up from neutering and realises his testicles have gone has prompted men around the world to cross their legs and wince.  

A father from Liverpool captured what looks like a shark in the clouds.


Literary Feline said...

I'm always amazed when I hear stories about mail getting delivered despite having no address and so little information as who the letter goes to. Poor Milo. I can only imagine. LOL Just what we need, sharks in the skies too. ;-)

Have a great week, Tracy!

Kelly said...

Poor kitty. They caught those shots of him at just the right moment for that narrative.

I guess if cows have access to cross the roads like that, something really does need to be done to make them more visible (or encourage motorists to be more careful). I know that hitting a deer can have devastating results (not just to the deer, but to the driver and his vehicle), so I can only imagine what hitting a cow would be like.

Gina R said...

I'm really liking the vest idea. Absurd but it could work! ^-^

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh poor Milo- I saw a couple pictures of him the other day online. I can't even imagine!


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

That cat was funny. Poor baby!

Suko said...

Tracy, you really do find the funniest stories to feature. The cow story is more serious, though, and it's not a bad idea. I feel bad for Milo, and enjoyed seeing the shark in the clouds. Have a terrific week ahead!

Brian Joseph said...

That is actually a good idea to use lights on the cows. There was not much to the article but maybe the lights could run on a battery that is charged by solar power in the day?

Anilkumar Kurup said...

Ha , ha . Cross my legs, I did. Couldn't help being not amused and at the same time empathise with the cat. The picture opf the poor cat tells all.
The shark cloud is fascinating. He caught it , Im sure just in time.
Needless to say more about your Monday posts. Enjoyed.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

That is amazing about the letter getting delivered! So little to go on- but still it got there. :)

Entertaining as always!

Karen said...

I guess the vests would save motorists and cars as well as the cows.

Karen @For What It's Worth