25 Jun 2015


Firstly my apologies for accidentally omitting my Memorable Moment from yesterdays post, The Perfect Drug by Hollie DeFrancisco. Now added, it reads ...

MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 83}: Her perfect skin looked like a smooth opal ring with iron workings for decorations and her wings once proud  and strong were now cracking like aged stone.

And now without further ado ... today's post.

Thanks to the Literary Feline over at Musings Of A Bookish Kitty I pinched this idea  and came up with ten books I'd like to see adapted for the big screen/tv.

  • CHANGELING: DEMON GAMES: With its wonderful myriad of supernatural characters, many of whom were new to me and so I'm presuming also new to others, I thought this would make a fresh change to the usual vampire/werewolf films that are out there. AND I think the games are ideal for the 3D treatment.
  • THE HALLOWED ONES: A book about vampires, 'proper', good old fashioned vampires, set in an Amish community. Both hugely popular at the moment, I'm sure this would be a hit on the big screen. Plus, the first book in a series, it has the potential for spin-offs.
  • VIVIAN'S HEAVENLY ICE CREAM SHOP: Combining gourmet ice cream, warring families, and tempestuous love lives I think this one would make a great Sunday tea-time series for tv and especially if it featured flashbacks to the shop's heyday. Or who knows with the potential for a multi-series deal perhaps we could begin with Vivian herself running the shop followed by her grand-daughters Imogen and Anna who inherit the shop after her death.
  • THE SUMMER OF BROKEN STORIES: A nostalgic tale set in 1950's England with a child lead - once again both hugely popular at the moment. With a plot that plays with our perceptions, that contrasts the innocent story telling of a young boy with the much darker story telling of a mysterious man, there is plenty of intrigue. And then there's the wonderful quirky characters, the delightfully dotty Murky.
  • CHANGELING/STORMBRINGERS/FOOL'S GOLD: A trilogy for young adults written by Philippa Gregory who as I'm sure you know is best known for her factually based historical fiction. Combining the historical and the mysterious with a hint of the supernatural this is ideal for a teen market. 
  • KITTY HAWK AND THE CURSE OF THE YUKON GOLDFull of mystery, adventure and intrigue all in fascinating locations plus a great female role model, along with the other books in the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency series I think this would make a perfect animated series. 
  • CLICK: AN ONLINE LOVE STORY: I admit that unlike the previous adaptations I haven't got the faintest idea of the logistics of this one. However just as Bridget Jones had her diary I'm sure this would make a great romance for a modern audience.
  • THE SNOW CHILD: Totally spellbinding, one of the most beautiful 'fairy tales' I've read in a long while, I'm sure in the right hands this would make a wonderful film.
  • THE HISTORY OF LUCY'S LOVE LIFE IN 10 1/2 CHAPTERS: A fun, novel read I'm sure this would make a great comedy.
  • OFF KEY: I love a good regional drama and with its great northern humour and its jazz backdrop (can you imagine the musical score you could add?) I'm sure this would make an ideal tv series.
Not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated (at least not as difficult as being asked to select your ten favourite books) whilst there are of course many more books that I'm sure would make great adaptations I must admit that these kind of leapt out at me.

The question being, which books do you think are ideal for a big screen/tv makeover?


Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Do you know that I have had Snow Child on my bookshelf for about 4 years? I got it because I really wanted to read it, but somehow I keep selecting something else to read. Now that I read your blurb about it and making it into a film I think I need to get to it this summer. :) Thanks for the reminder and great list!

Brandi Kosiner said...

I haven't read these, but I am excited about a few adaptations coming up and hope they are more well done like HG or Divergent rather than Mortal Instruments or Vamp Academy

Literary Feline said...

I enjoyed reading your list, Tracy. :-)

I had hoped to read Snow Child last year while I was out on medical leave, but I never did pick it up. I was distracted by other books. I do want to still read it though.

Just from what you have written (and your guest post by the author) about the Kitty Hawk series, I would love to see that be translated for the screen. I'd take my daughter for sure!

Sherry Ellis said...

All of those seem like they'd be good for TV. I always thought it might be nice to have children's programs made from Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House series.

Kelly said...

What a fun post! I can think of several books that might make good movies. Having recently read a Kate Morton book, I could see one of her in movie form. Yet so often things get left out of the film version...which is why nine times out of ten, the book is better than the movie. Or else the film makers "milk" things and make several movies out of one book (thinking of the Hobbit as an example).

I like your idea of making the Kitty Hawk books into an animated series.

Romance Reader said...

Awesome post. Great list of shows.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thanks for sharing! I have to admit, though, that I haven't read any of these!


Gina R said...

Love the titles you chose, a few I would have listed myself actually. I'd like to add LITTLE BEACH STREET BAKERY and the FURNACE series (YA). ^-^

mark robertson said...

I already have the music for Off Key mapped out. Now I just need ten million quid/four male strippers and a crate of beer.