11 Mar 2015


KICK-ASS 2. Alas not my sort of film, I gave this one a miss. TT 
tick symbol : A 3d people was holding a Wrong Symbol
Well, actually has a tad more in the way of plot development than the first film, and not quite as much bloody and over stylised violence. But it remains largely that, a satire of super-hero's and baddies that leaves no merit on either side whatsoever. That there is the odd moment of surreal humour does not endear to a fairly poor sequel offering. NJT 

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PASTWasn't expecting a great deal from this film, I think all series run out of steam at some point, but was pleasantly surprised to find this just as engaging as the other X-Men. The lessons of the past are considered as the battle continues to establish a cessation to the mutual destruction of humanity, mutated or not, as the terrors of violence now justify killing anyone who potentially could sire a mutant. Much to reflect on, very enjoyable. NJT

Worried at the beginning that this was going to be all action and no story, that given its decades-leaping nature I was going to be overly confused. Thankfully all good, nothing about the film disappointed. TT

JIMMY'S HALL. The life of James Gralton in film, in 1930's Ireland where bigotry, landlords and power belie the agreements at the end of the civil war. The hall in question symbolic of the struggle of the working classes to gain control of their education, their leisure time and their futures.  "I'll tell you what sacrilege is Father... having more hate in your heart than love." Cracking little film. NJT

Essentially the story of young people predominantly in search of some self-expression versus what the Irish church (in the form of Father Sheridan) sees as political agitation, as communist propaganda. Jimmy's Hall offers a great insight into the political/social landscape of 1930's Ireland with the addition of a wonderful music score. TT

HERCULES. A wonderful sword and sandal epic - or in the case of feisty heroine, Atalanta (Ingrid Bolso Berdal) a wonderful sports-bra type armour and arrows epic. Saved from being what could have been a fairly awful film by its not taken itself too seriously. TT

Not an orthodox Greek myth in content but creative storytelling at its best. John Hurt as the villain, Joseph Fiennes as the nastier king with Peter Mullan at the head of the army; not that Brits are at all stereo-typed as film baddies, but they are so good at it. Ian McShane as Hercules sage buddy Amphiarus provides nice little twists of wisdom and humour throughout to ensure the myth does not even begin to take itself too seriously. Entertaining throughout. NJT

Inspired by Kelly's One Sentence movie Reviews, you can see her latest selection here.


Brandi Kosiner said...

I can't wait to see the xmen

Kelly said...

I've not seen any of these!

I always pass on the XMen movies because I didn't get in on them from the start (though I think my husband might own all of them).

I'm regretting passing on Hercules, too. I had something more pressing the night my husband watched that one, but I've only heard good things about it since. Maybe I'll catch it on cable at some point.

Thanks for the link. :)

Literary Feline said...

I haven't seen the Kick Ass movies, but my husband has. I do want to see the X-Men movie. I've enjoyed the others.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hercules would be of interest to me!

Alexia561 said...

Love these little mini-reviews from you two! I want to see the X-Men movie as I really like that franchise, but think I'll pass on the rest.

Suko said...

I enjoy these mini reviews as well! I haven't seen any of these films.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Like the mini reviews. I do need to catch up on my movie watching!

Stephanie Faris said...

I feel bad that I haven't heard of ANY of these except X Men--and just because I've heard of the other X Men movies!

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Jimmy's Hall and X-Men both sound promising. :) I haven't seen any of these. Love these dual reviews!!

Gina R said...

Great list! Of those listed, the first two are on my "need to see list". The first one's predecessor was just off kilter enough to be enjoyable while the second series never fails to surprise me. Thanks for the inside look!

Brian Joseph said...

I like your eclectic mix of films Tracy. I have similar tastes.I like many fun and popular movies but I also like the serious ones too.