29 Dec 2014


The Twelfth and final * book read for this year's Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge (Details of which can be found on the right side-bar): Visions Of Sugar Plums #4 ... Completed

Jingle Bells By  Nick Butterworth


SOURCE: A charity shop buy.

BACK COVER BLURB: Christmas Time.

A happy time, or so it should be. Why then, on this Christmas Eve, did two small mice look so unhappy?

Lottie and Jack have one big problem ... That Cat. How can the mice stop Angus the cat from spoiling everything? When they turn to the wise old rat, Ton Chee, they find the ideal solution.

FIRST SENTENCE: Christmas Time.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Ton-Chee was a rat. Actually, his real name was Gavin, but he liked to be called Ton-Chee.

MY THOUGHTS: Lovely to snuggle up and read with younger children. Jingle Bells is a delightful festive story made all the more special by the fact that it comes fastened with a bright red ribbon with a small bell.

* Whilst the challenge runs through until Twelfth Night this year I have decided to stop now due to the number of books awaiting reading/reviewing.


Kelly said...

You did quite well with your Christmas reading this year. Good job!

I love the cover on this one and like the idea it comes with a ribbon and bell. Our first Rottweiler's name was Angus, so I have trouble fitting that name to a cat. :)

Brandi Kosiner said...

Does sound cute and festive

Suko said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this book with the bell!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

aw, sounds cute! I like that it comes with an actual bell.

Brian Joseph said...

I second Kelly's comment in that the number and variety of your Christmas books is impressive.

I really like the cover of this one.

Lindsay said...

Well done on your challenge Tracy. This sounds like a lovely read I think I'd enjoy it! Happy new year. x

Literary Feline said...

What a fun event! And this final book sounds like such a fun book. I bet my daughter would love this story.