17 Dec 2014


The sixth book read for this year's Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge (Details on the right side-bar): Mistletoe level ... Completed.


SOURCE: A charity shop buy.

BACK COVER BLURB: It's 1940 and the London Blitz has begun. For the four girls living at No. 13 Article Row, life must go on despite the nightly bombing raids.

As Christmas approaches hospital worker Tilly meets a handsome young American called Drew, but could he be the one to mend her broken heart? Agnes and Dulcie are doing their bit on the home front, while Nurse Sally returns to Liverpool and gets a shocking reminder of the past.

With the bombs continuing to rain down on a wintry London, the girls do their best to create some festive cheer - but the only present they really want is to be home for Christmas.

FIRST SENTENCE {Prologue: Just after Christmas 1936}: 'Darling, oh, your face is so cold.'

MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 44}: She smelled of dust and tiredness mingled with despair.

MY THOUGHTS: Expecting a typical world war at Christmas romance story I was actually delighted at the depth of some of the threads that made up Home For Christmas, the second book (though perfectly readable as a standalone novel) in the Article Row series.

OK so there were all of the usual characters you'd expect of such a novel - the salt-of-the-earth landlady, the beautiful blonde, the dedicated nurse, the disapproving mother, the dashing surgeon, the handsome Americans (rather surprisingly not all of them pilots) - but there were also those (though sadly very much secondary characters) generally less well featured (if at all) in books of this genre.

Ultimately heart warming stuff. A story of the unquenchable nature of the human spirit and yet by by no means a sugary sweet read, this may well appeal to those who enjoy war time stories or those simply looking for a good Christmas novel with a bit more substance.


Kelly said...

Good review, Tracy. This sounds like a wonderful Christmas book. You're doing well on the challenge!

Suko said...

Wonderful review, Tracy! You have found some lovely books for this Christmas reading challenge.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh this sounds good for the reluctant reader on my list. Historical, Christmas, and war are perfect for this person!

Stephanie Faris said...

Looks so sweet! I love reading Christmas books--the timing just never seems to work out right!

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

This one sounds excellent! A Christmas romance with a bit more. I think the time period will make the book more exciting. Thanks for sharing. :)

Melliane said...

I always like a good war story even if it's true that I don't read a lot of them these days.

Brian Joseph said...

Heartwarming but with substance is sometimes a good thing. It is of course a good thing.

The memorable moment sentence is a very good one.

Barbara Fisher said...

This sounds like my idea of a perfect Christmas read, not to difficult but interesting enough to keep me reading.

I wanted to let you know you are one of the winners of my Christmas driveway, can you please email me your address (there is an email me button on the right hand side of my blog).
Congratulations, Barbara x

Lindsay said...

Well done on your challenge and lovely review of this one, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year whilst I am visiting. All best wishes, Lindsay x

Literary Feline said...

Substance is always good in a novel, even in lighter reads. This does sound good!

Brandi Kosiner said...

Heart warming sounds good for a holiday novel

Lady Lilith said...

Just in time for the holidays.

Karen Alderman said...

I'm about to start a Christmas reading binge so I'll be adding this to my list.

Karen @ For What It's Worth