22 Nov 2014


Yeah, something to brighten what has otherwise been a cold, dark and damp Friday, Charlie over at The Worm Hole has announced ....

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Running from January to December 2015, simply read and review a book from each of the below categories...

  • A word with 'ing' in it {'The Time Of Singing', 'Dancing To The Flute', 'Lex Trent Fighting With Fire'}
  • A colour {'The Red Queen', 'White Truffles In Winter', 'On Gold Mountain'}
  • A familiar relation {'Daughter Of Smoke and Bone', 'Dombey And Son', 'My Cousin Rachel'}
  • A body of water {'The River Of No Return', 'Black Lake', 'beside The Sea'}
  • A city {'Barcelona Shadows', 'Shanghai Girls', 'Under The Tripoli Sky'}
  • An animal {'Black Swan Rising', 'The Leopard Unleashed', 'The Horse And his Boy'}
Charlie's suggestions are in brackets, use them by all means but it is not necessary that you do so.
  • Books can be any format {print, audio, ebook}
  • It's preferred books don't overlap with other challenges, but this is not a requirement
  • Books cannot overlap categories {for example, to use Charlie's examples, Black swan Rising could be used for the 'colour' category OR the 'animal' category but not birth
  • Creativity for matching the categories is not only allowed, it's encouraged
  • You don't have to make your list beforehand, you can choose them as you go
  • You don't have to read your chosen books in any particular order
Further information including the posting of reviews and how to sign-up can be found here.

Uninspired as yet as to what books I might read for each category, as always I shall be using books I already have at the start of the challenge and will not be buying any to fit a category. TT


Kelly said...

Oh, wow...I'm glad to see this challenge posted so early! I've enjoyed doing it in the past and will give it serious consideration for 2015.

Thanks for sharing the information.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

good luck with the challenge! :)

Suko said...

I know you will have fun with this reading challenge, Tracy!

So many books, so little time said...

Oooh have fun with your challenge, I always like the looks of these but never end up taking part :/

Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

Brian Joseph said...

This is a really neat challenge. It might led a reader in some directions that they might not otherwise go to.

In Southern New York, we also had a dark cold week. Today is nice and worm. Hopefully it bodes well for a mild winter.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I love that you use books you already have for the challenge and that you don't buy any to fit a category. A great way to read some books on your shelves and not spend any more money. :)

Brandi Kosiner said...

Fun challenge, I would have issues with books not overlapping with others

Charlie (The Worm Hole) said...

Hope you enjoy it. I like the extra challenge of only using books you already have :)