18 Sep 2014


Having seen this, 'The Seven Deadly Sins Questionnaire Tag', along with 'The To Be Read Tag', posted on Shooting Stars Mag site I simply had to join in the fun and complete the questionnaire as created by BookishlyMalyza and Aylee @ Recovering Potter Addict.

  • GREED: What is your most inexpensive book? What is your most expensive book? My most inexpensive book? As one of my favourite haunts is our local library's ex-stock trolley which sells paperbacks for 25p, hardbacks for 50p and children's books for 10p I can take my pick from several. As for my most expensive? That would probably be a 1968 (which incidentally is the year I was born) first edition copy of The Adventures Of Hadrian Hedgehog by Candida Lycett Green and Christopher Thynne bought for me by Mr T.
  • WRATH: Which author do you have a love/hate relationship with? Hmm, that would probably have to be Christian Jacq. Whilst I've loved most of his books there have also been several I've hated amongst which was The Great Magician. Part one in the Mozart series, though I also had books 2 and 3 I never read either of them.
  • GLUTTONY: Which book have you deliciously devoured over and over with no shame whatsoever? Book as in one book? I've got to have at least two. The Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett and The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom.
  • SLOTH: Which book have you neglected due to laziness? No doubt about it, that would have to be Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. In my defence its not quite all down to laziness. I'm not normally averse to long novels (The Pillows Of The Earth proves that) its just that I've heard so many bad things about this book that I can't bring myself to pick it up and as you know once I've started a book I have to finish it.
  • PRIDE: Which book do you most talk about in order to sound like a very intellectual reader? At last, a 'sin' I'm not guilty of. I think there is too much book snobbery around. Not a fan of the so-called classics, I can't take pride in having read many of them, and I've never touched Shakespeare or Chaucer since my school days but how about ..... The Oxford Illustrated Dickens Christmas Books? I was silently pleased with myself for having read and pretty much understood this collection of short stories when I read them last year.
  • LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in male or female characters? Yeah! If we are talking about physical attributes and I'm pretty certain we are then this is another sin I'm not particularly guilty of. I'm not a big fan of the perfect physical specimen in either my male or female characters. In fact I'm positively put off books with covers that featured men with smooth naked chests or leather clad, stiletto heel wearing women. Give me a character with a good sense of humour any day.
  • ENVY: Which books would you must like to receive as a gift? Hmm, Hmm. A favourite of mine since I was a girl and a favourite of my mam's before that, I love The Family From One End Street by Eva Garnett and would really like a copy of the second book in the series, The Further Adventures Of The Family from One End Street.
TAG, what are your seven deadly book sins? ......

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LL Cool Joe said...

What a great meme! Unfortunately I'm not really a book reader so I wouldn't be able to answer the questions but they are good and I enjoyed your answers.

Karen Alderman said...

Fun meme and great answers.

I have a love/hate relationship with JR Ward. I loved her earlier books but now I hate the newer ones with a fiery passion yet can't help myself from scouring for spoilers lol

As for Lust - I like NICe characters these days. Humor is a huge plus too. I want more normal looking people to read about. Not perfect bodies.

Suko said...

Tracy, you did a great job with this questionnaire! I am envious of your post, far too slothful to attempt it. ;)

I hope someone gives you The Further Adventures Of The Family from One End Street.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Fun answers! :) I have to admit I have been wrathful with a series before as well as envious and lustful. LOL

Literary Feline said...

That first question would be a bear to answer for me. I don't remember cost very well. Most expensive book--maybe an old college text I forgot to get rid of or my Webster's Dictionary. Or perhaps my DSM manual. I can't say any of those are worth as much as I paid for them now though. LOL

I rarely reread books and so gluttony in terms of reading books over and over doesn't fit me so much. When it comes to buying books though . . . That's where my gluttony comes in.

Sloth - Too many books to count have sat a long time on my shelves waiting their turn to be read.

I loved reading your answers. :-)

Brian Joseph said...

I love the idea of this questionnaire.

I also love your answers Tracy.

I will say that with so many used books sales seemingly everywhere the cost question kind of gets ruined.

I have a little of the "must finished a book once I started it" syndrome myself.

Lady Lilith said...

I love this idea. The Q and A are so interesting. Much different form the others I have read on other blogs. I like how it targets more of a moral aspect. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

What a fun post!

I can agree with what some of your other commenters said. Greed for me would be the sheer number of books I buy that I don't need since I don't think I could live long enough to read them all. At least I pass along many of those I do read. As for the most expensive, the first though I had was the Architectural Graphic Standards reference book I had to buy in college (and still have). At the time I thought the price was exorbitant.

Your mention of Pillars of the Earth reminds me that I've had the sequel sitting on my shelf for ages. I've kept putting it off for fear I won't remember what I need to from the first book, which I read eons ago.

Barbara Fisher said...

Hi Tracy, I wish I had a copy of the further adventures of the family from one end street - if I did I would send it to you. I’ve just checked my stock and don’t even have a copy of the first book in the series; they are popular and usually sell almost as soon as they come in. You never know one might turn up in your local library. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
I enjoyed reading all your replies, forgive me not joining in I'm just a little busy at the moment. Have a lovely weekend, Barbara.

Brandi Kosiner said...

Fun tag, but I just did one...
I think that I would have issues with the pride because I read for fun, and most of those aren't highly intellectual. FIoS might count?

Sherry Ellis said...

What a fun meme! I'd have to do a lot of thinking in order to answer these question.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

yay, I'm glad you decided to do this!! I don't really like books with half naked men on the covers either. The books can be really good, but the covers put me off.

Betty Manousos said...

what a fun meme and i really enjoyed your answers.

have a good weekend~

big hugs!

Heather said...

I loved Wolf Hall.

Most expensive book is The Time Comprehensive Atlas of the World. I've seen it listed at $200.00 Cdn, don't know what hubby paid.