15 Sep 2014


Warning: Whilst I endeavour to post only family friendly articles I have been asked to point out that some of the sites do link to other articles with a more adult content. TT

Having had smart company logos painted on the side of their vehicles a Cornish yacht company failed to realise that the lettering for Pendennis is partially obscured when the doors are slid open ..... leaving just the word 'penis'. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE

A village carnival has been forced to change the rules of its traditional four-legged wine race which saw competitors downing a glass of wine at 'pit stops' after organisers were warned by the police that they could be prosecuted under a law which bans binge drinking games. FULL ARTICLE

A father from Oxfordshire has created an internet sensation after having spent two years photographing the 'secret life' of his Henry vacuum cleaner. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

Having decided a fairy was unrealistic, a nineteen year old Cornish teenage has built a a six foot tail out of old lycra swimming costumes to become Britain's first professional mermaid. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE

A twenty year old Irish woman made sure her boyfriend couldn't stray on a lad's week-end in Ibiza by having a t-shirt made using a montage of photographs of her with the words 'I love my girlfriend *****, I hate the girls in Ibiza, so please stay away from me' printed on it. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE

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Kelly said...

Okay, I'll admit I was totally sucked in (pun intended) by the "Henry" story. I didn't know what to expect when I clicked on the link, but it's such a cute vacuum cleaner! Mine looks dull in comparison.

Suko said...

Tracy, the Baby Henry story is too cute and charming! That was definitely my favorite story this week. :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Okay, if you didn't see what would happen with the name Pendennis then I don't know what to say. LOL

Literary Feline said...

In regards to the vehicles driven by Pendennis personnel - oh my.

Love the mermaid costume!

Did the woman's boyfriend actually wear the shirt while on his weekend getaway? I'm glad it was only a joke because I would have been worried otherwise. LOL

Naida said...

oh lol about the Pendennis and if that jealous girlfriend needs to create that kind of tshirt for her boyfriend, she's surely got issues. Although I don't know who is worse off if he was silly enough to wear it! lol

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh wow, that's crazy about the t-shirt the girl made. I'm not too sure the guy would wear that...haha

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

As soon as I saw the name I knew it would be a problem on a van! I am sure they have caught people's attention. :)

Brian Joseph said...

I think that those T - Shirts might actually catch on.

Heather said...

i can't imagine that the mermaid will have a lively career come winter time.