11 Jul 2014

30 DAYS.

30 DAYS by G.R. CASE.

SOURCE: Received for review from the author.

THE BOOK {According to the back cover. Contains spoilers, scroll over text to hi-light}: Marcus Freling is a military veteran working as a mail carrier enjoying life. His pride and joy is his thirteen-year-old niece. Innocence is lost when her young life is snuffed out by a sense-less random drive-by shooting in Harlem, NY. Over the next several months, Marcus's sorrow turns to anger. Anger gives way for a yearning to inflict vengeance on Troy, the drug dealer, whom fired the kill shot. Troy is questioned by Detective Rodgers about the murder but is released due to lack of evidence.

Marcus lurks in the shadows of Troy's existence, fiendishly watching his every move over the next year. He kidnaps Troy and holds him hostage in a secluded farmhouse in the Catskill Mountains. He heaps unrelenting torture upon Troy over the next thirty days. He insanely serves as the defense attorney, prosecutor, and judge at Troy's mock trial in a barn behind the house. Rodgers uncovers Marcus's plot and ventures into the mountains to stop him. Will he get there before it is too late?

FIRST SENTENCE {Chapter 1- October 7th: Present Day}: Marcus Freling's fingers gripped the worn, brown-leather, journal tightly underneath the early dawn sky.

MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 250}: Marcus was the caged lion walking back and forth in the cage, licking its lips. Now the time had arrived for the door to open and the lion to pounce on its prey.

MY THOUGHTS: Despite a slightly annoying tendency to start each sentence with the word 'Marcus' and what I felt was an over-awareness that the book would make a great movie (albeit subtle there were a lot of what felt like directions and instructions) I found this an incredibly moving read, the characters, both 'good' and 'bad' so well penned as to raise an array of emotions within.

Though not without its action filled moments 30 Days is essentially a wonderfully dark psychological thriller of one man's descent into despondency and crime after the death of his beloved niece.

A gripping and thought provoking tale of vengeance (what would you do given these circumstances?) Not only did the author explore where Marcus' anguish would lead him next but he also cleverly examined a society fuelled by a drug/gun culture in what was an exceptionally well woven thriller.


Kelly said...

At first I wasn't sure about this, but by the time I finished your review, I decided it might be one for the wish list. I'll certainly keep it in mind.

Brian Joseph said...

I would worry that a book with such a plot might descend into cliches as variations on this story seem to be everywhere.

Based on your commentary it sounds like this one did not. I think that it is important for an author to move a little out of the box when writing a story like this.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I like a good thriller. i think I do have to check out this book!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sounds like an emotional thriller, which is great! Glad you enjoyed it overall.


Alexia561 said...

Nice review! I don't think that this ones for me as I shy away from psychological thrillers. Glad that you enjoyed it though!

Literary Feline said...

I am glad you liked this one, Tracy. I can understand your dislike for sentences always (or mostly) beginning the same way. Me too. It dulls the reading when they all start the same.

I've read a few books that feel like movies--one author even said he wrote his book in hopes it would be made into a movie. It can be a tricky way to write, and doesn't always work. I am glad it worked here though.