7 Apr 2014


Given that these were all in newspapers around April 1st you could be forgiven for thinking that some of them were April Fool's day hoaxes but all are genuine. TT

A village in County Durham awoke to the smell of smoky bacon as 13 tonnes of crisps were destroyed in a fire. FULL ARTICLE

A teenage girl from Kent who became stuck in a storm drain after trying to retrieve her mobile phone was rescued by firefighters in front of an amused crowd of onlookers. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

Birmingham City Council have been criticised after they spent £2,000 on a new lamppost which gives out no light because it was erected behind a conifer tree. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE

Perhaps they should invest in some of these instead .....

A report has predicted that glow in the dark trees and buildings are set to light up the 'green' cities of the future. FULL ARTICLE

What's that? Another Birmingham bungle?

Thousands of books at a £190 million library can't be reached because the shelves are too high. FULL ARTICLE

(Yes, it's that time of year again. TT) Weird and wonderful entries hoping to be crowned Shed of the Year 2014. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

The days of your father bringing your family name into dispute on the dance floor could be over thanks to boffins at Northumbria University who claim 'Dad Dancing' can be cured. FULL ARTICLE

Ever feel like your being watched? A Londoner has compiled a hilarious book of 'Faces in Places'. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

Given that a half hour session burns up to 150 calories  which is the equivalent of jogging for 15 minutes (or at 99 calories each almost two Kit-Kat biscuits burned off TT) a team of bonking boffins have designed an online gadget that measures the amount of energy and therefore calories lost when couples get hot between the sheets. FULL ARTICLE

Tying a secure bag around the neck of birds who travel from London to Oxford a business man angry with Royal Mail prices has hired a flock of carrier pigeons to carry and deliver parcels to his customers. FULL ARTICLE 

A man who wanted two seagulls charged with a breach of the peace after they wouldn't shut up to the man who called on Christmas Day to ask how long it took to cook a turkey - just two of the bizarre calls received by Scottish police. FULL ARTICLE

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Kelly said...

I can see how the glow in the dark spray for buildings and trees could be useful in a city, but having it dark at night is one of the reason I love rural life.

The "faces in places" is fun. I follow a site on Twitter that posts things like that. (@FacesPics)

Betty Manousos said...

interesting shares, tracy.

...and i thought it was just me that saw faces in things!

have a wonderful week ahead
big hugs~

Suko said...

I see faces, too! I wish I could attach a photo of my bathtub. :O)

Terrific Monday post, Tracy!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Dad dancing can be cured? LOL I don't think so... :D

Alexia561 said...

Love the Faces in Places pictures, as I thought I was the only paranoid one around! And I'm with Melissa in that I highly doubt Dad Dancing can be cured! *L*

Naida said...

lol about the faces and I don't think I'd like glow in the dark trees and buildings at all.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

glow in the dark trees would be kind of cool!

and the books are too high! hah!! I can see how that could happen.

Brian Joseph said...

I love nature sounds, including the calls of birds and other animals. However, sometimes, at just the wrong volume and time, when one is trying to sleep....

Perhaps that explains the thing with the Seagulls.

Heather said...

I don't see why there is any issue in pruning the tree away from the street lamp. Where I live, if your tree sticks out over public land, then the local government can appropriately prune.

themethatisme said...

Pareidolia it's called, well documented capacity for human beings to see Jesus in bits of toast etc. Part of our tendency to look for the familiar as a survival instinct rather than looking to the strange or unusual. I'm still alive therefore the things that I have hitherto understood and known have not killed me. If I can recognise those same things as opposed to dealing with new things I am more likely to remain alive. We seek information that confirms our existing understandings rather than challenges it. This is unfortunately equally true for the homophobe, the racist, the sexist who remain comfortable in their prejudice rather than face the possibility of learning something different.

Can you tell I've got no students today???

Claudine G. said...

Those big libraries look so grand.Those with shelves reaching towards the sky and ladders just as long. I'm always in awe when I see pictures of paintings of them. Granted, they aren't very practical for readers!

Literary Feline said...

I can relate to feeling like I'm being watched sometimes. Faces really are everywhere! Haha

The story about the seagulls and the man who wanted them charged with a breach of peace. That had me rolling. So funny!