10 Mar 2014


With a relationship stretching back 60 years, you might have thought they would have got around to it earlier but it is only now in a bid to explain a Leeds fathers profession of photography to his three year old son that Mr and Mrs Potato Head have had their nuptials captured on film. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE 

And talking of photography ...... and potatoes .....

It has been alleged that a strict headmistress from a North Wales school was so angry when she discovered pupils were planning not to smile on a school photograph that she called the police to reprimand them.  FULL ARTICLE

A chip shop owner in Preston, Lancashire has created the worlds largest Forrero Rocher chocolate and given it a unique twist by caking it in batter. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE

Last weeks Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day (March 4th) went interstellar after Paramount Pictures UK tweeted the images of various Star Trek crew (including Jim, Spock, McCoy, Sulu) cast in pancake batter mix. IMAGES AND FULL ARTICLE

And yet more pancake inspired news ......

A Manchester chef has created the world's most expensive pancake. Containing lobster, caviar and a champagne sauce the £800 delicacy was only for sale on Shrove Tuesday. FULL ARTICLE

A 6ft 4in robber asked a taxi to wait for him while he nipped into an Edinburgh bank to rob it. FULL ARTICLE

And talking of robberies, my favourite two crime stories from overseas .....

A US women has been arrested for assault after stabbing teddy bear during argument. FULL ARTICLE

In Germany a pair of hypnotists are being hunted after a victim claimed she was put in a trance before being robbed. FULL ARTICLE

And last but not least, click HERE for the sweetest article of the week.

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Kelly said...

Your Monday post left me a little hungry this week, though I'm not too sure about that idea of a battered Ferrero Rocher. I liked the Star Trek pancakes!

chitra said...

I am astounded why a teacher should call in police for reprimanding students ..
I am off on a pilgrimage wil be away for abt 2 weeks. will coem back with new temple stories.till then..

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

This frying of chocolate is very much a Northern tradition I think, not something you would generally find on offer down here in the South. Personally I prefer my chocolate unbattered and in its natural yummy state. Still not good for you I know, but imagine all those battered calories!

I loved the story about the Welsh teacher calling in the police to help her out. I have another teaching story which is much worse and comes from the local Somerset BBC news this week ...


This teacher actually got so fed up with the pupils in his class talking, that he lined them all up and put sellotape over all their mouths ... Guess What? ... he got suspended!

Have a great week, thanks for the alternative news bulletin.


Suko said...

The sweetest article is darling! <3

That Forrero Rocher chocolate cake takes the cake!

Thank you for this delicious post!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

That teacher should be brought up on charges for what she did. Climate of fear. Glad she was dismissed.

"The day he said he didn't like his teddy, you knew he was a no good kid..." Yea, form some musical that went viral... ROFL

Loved the last one. Was cute! Seemed legit too... LOL

Naida said...

awww Mr and Mrs Potato Head :)
And now I want some fried Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Wow, calling the police to yell at a class? How dumb...people really do call the cops for some of the craziest things.

Jess@Fairday's Blog said...

Stabbing a teddy bear? People do the craziest things! The robber asking the taxi to wait was definitely lacking in planning! People continue to amaze me! Can't believe the cost of that lobster pancake... not sure that appeals to me, thank goodness.

Brian Joseph said...

Too bad that those pancakes needed to be eaten.

Live long and prosper!

Suko said...

(P.S. The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head story is ridiculously cute!)

Mamakucingbooks said...

gosh that is one very strict head mistress. I wonder what she would do if a teacher refused to have her photo taken

So many books, so little time said...

I love these articles, ferrero rocher is my absolute fav chocolate!

Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

Barbara Fisher said...

I love the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head story. The photos are amazing. I can see a series of children’s books emanating from this.
That bank robber had some nerve! I can just imagine him sitting in the back of the taxi yelling at the driver to get a move on!