10 Feb 2014


      A 34 year old believed to be Britain's most tattooed man has had his passport application rejected because of his name which he changed to  ‘King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite’ was not appropriate. FULL ARTICLE 

A 30ft deep sinkhole with a diameter of 15ft has opened up overnight outside a house in Buckinghamshire, swallowing up a family car. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE

Pictures of the week .......

Pictures show boredom of men around the world as they shop with wives and girlfriends. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

A photography teacher from Merseyside was doing a photoshoot when he captured the moment a 'cheeky squirrel posed for a selfie' whilst his back was turned. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE 

Described as the world's first protest beer, British brewers Brewdog have launched a beer called "Hello, My Name is Vladimir" which aims to denounce Russia's anti-gay laws. FULL ARTICLE

Lonely singles are being offered the opportunity of a lifetime this Valentine’s Day – in the form of a cat-themed matchmaking service which sees Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London offering a myriad of matchmaking methods including the chance to meet your pawfect partner in cat cuddle booths. FULL ARTICLE (But please remember a cat is for life and not just Valentine's Day. TT)

A 19 year old student from Bristol won £10,000 whilst seeing off the competition from 300 other wacky entries in the Odd Invention Challenge by designing a top hat that incorporates a toothbrush. FULL ARTICLE

Favourite articles of the week .....

Assault and buttery trial: Wife is accused of assaulting husband with TOAST and BUTTERFULL ARTICLE

Man calls council because he is being harassed by a frog. FULL ARTICLE

Pensioner denies biting neighbour as he didn't have false teeth in - but admits hitting him with an iron bar. FULL ARTICLE

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Suko said...

Tracy, I don't know how you find these great stories! They are quite ridiculous, especially that evil frog story! The bored men I've seen firsthand here. And the squirrels taking the selfie(s) is hilarious! :D

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I can't get past the squirrels since they are so cute and the pic below is of a typical dober-clown. LOL

Alexia561 said...

Love the pictures of the bored men! That's one of the reasons I leave mine at home, plus I can buy more without worry! *L*

And who among us hasn't thrown toast across the breakfast table? Just me? Oops! ;)

Naida said...

lol Tracy. I do have to wonder what the heck the King of Ink Land was thinking to get inked like that.
And those men shopping, that is sooo my hubby and my son. That's why I leave them home when I shop.

Gina R said...

Love the assault and buttering charge...LOL. Thanks for the smile!

anilkurup said...

As usual amazed how you manage these stories.
Impressed with the wife and her toast. Got to be careful I guess.

Brian Joseph said...

With all those tattoos I am thinking that that fellow may also have trouble at airport security.

Kelly said...

As I'm not a shopper, I can relate to some of those men.

The pic of the squirrels is just too cute!

As for the toast incident...that's pretty wild. I enjoy my toast too much to waste it that way, but there's obviously a lot more to their dysfunctional relationship.