25 Nov 2013


     Dog owners are increasingly splashing their pets in specialist perfumes. With names such as 'Old Spike' and Kennel No 5 already available, the 'Santa Paws' range is to be launched at a vet show at London’s Olympia just in time for Christmas. FULL ARTICLE *

Northamptonshire County Council has told a couple to remove flower beds outside their home because they contravened health and safety regulationsFULL ARTICLE

drink-driver has been told he is allowed to live in his car, even though he has been banned from driving it for 14 months. FULL ARTICLE

The 2014 Fast Disappearing Red Telephone Boxes of Wales calendar which has so far failed to sell a single copy shows the same box just in different towns and villages has been described by its creator as being  'considered to be so hum-drum, so naff, so nerdy, so dull, so parochial that not even the most patriotic Welsh person wants to buy a copy.'  FULL ARTICLE

And proving just as difficult to sell .....

With every surface in every room filled with a carefully colour-coordinated explosion of lamps, candles, ornaments, cushions and picture frames (and possibly a few other knick-knacks not quite visible to the naked eye) this £299,950 six bedroom semi-detached house in Liverpool is proving difficult to sell. IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

Or how about ......

The seven weirdest properties ever listed on this on-line housing site? MUST SEE IMAGES & FULL ARTICLE

A cheese maker has introduced the world's first Christmas lunch cheese - with all the elements of an entire festive feast including turkey flavouring, carrots, brussel sprouts, festive fruit, candied cherries and apple in a block. and what's more there is a  Christmas Pudding cheese which includes brandy-soaked sultanas, raisins and currants, candied cherries and apple, cinnamon and a special Christmas liqueur. FULL ARTICLE

After THIS  and THIS today I bring you .......

This pair of shoes and matching handbag made out of cake. IMAGE & FULL ARTICLE 

And this .....

Yet another stupid studentFULL ARTICLE

Oops! Stonehenge archaeologists have been digging in the wrong place ..... for 90 years. FULL ARTICLE

Adding some 'extra spectacle' or just offencive?

A casino in London is advertising for 'door dwarves' (applications from those under 4ft 10 inches) in the hope of creating 'a team of Britain's smallest bouncers'. Hoping to create some 'extra spectacle' 'The Hippodrome is a building with a rich tradition of theatrical innovation with a history of dwarf acts appearing' there. FULL ARTICLE

Most bizarre article of the week ....

Cows Crash Through Cornish Weaver's Roof. FULL ARTICLE

With a condition called synaesthesia a London commuter is able to conjure up a particular strong taste - from sausage and eggs at Tottenham Court Road to putrid meat at Kilburn - for each of the capital's stations. FULL ARTICLE

Having rescued a somerset woman's chicken an anonymous Royal Mail postal worker left a note reading "Saw your chicken escape through the side of the building and go into 4B's garage at 13:15" adding "1 chicken" in the number of items box before ticking "it's too large" box as the reason the 'item' was unable to be delivered. FULL ARTICLE

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Suko said...

Tracy, I don't know how you find these stories but they are as odd and absurd as ever! The canine perfumes are ridiculous, and the purse and shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I know it is worth it to visit each one (although I must postpone that pleasure a bit).

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Wow, doggie perfume! That's kind of hilarious. Not something I'd want to buy though.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

UGH! I'm stuck on splashing the dogs with perfume. :P No way! Ugh... just :P! LOL

Still some interesting articles despite my ugh. LOL

Naida said...

Well, now I know just what to get Diego for Christmas, 'Old Spike'.
I'm not sure I could take a bite out of satin shoes made out of cake, they look too real!

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I checked out that house- and yes- the clutter could cause a future homeowner to be claustrophobic!

Perfume for dogs? I just can't imagine! Dogs smell like...dogs.

Thanks for always making my fay brighter with the unique news you find! :)

Brian Joseph said...

I really like some of those properties! I wonder how much the Purple Rooms and the Gothic paradise are going for.

Kelly said...

I'm quite the cheese lover, but that Christmas cheese doesn't sound (or look) very appetizing to me.

I was glad to see the cows that fell through the roof weren't harmed.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

We live very close to Stonehenge, which has just had a huge new visitors centre built, so let's hope that the information they have no doubt already put in place, is correct!!

The idea of a phone box calendar, has to be one of the most boring things ever, although you seem to be able to buy a calendar for just about anything these days, so it may have competition ... you never know!! I do like the concept of the phone boxes being converted into mini libraries, although that would only work in a very small village, where vandalism is an unheard of thing!

The chocolate shoes and handbag are amazing and literally too good to eat. We were introduced to a company called choccywoccydoodah


by our niece, who make similar kinds of creations (check out their gallery of bespoke cakes), but I think that Kirsty's efforts are equally as stunning.

Interesting post as always, thanks for sharing those great stories,


Lindsay said...

I like my dog's natural smell! Oh dear at the phone box calendar…!
We do have the village phone box library here though as Yvonne mentioned.

Nikki-ann said...

Ohhh, it's a bumper post this week!

I do love these posts. Whilst I've heard of some of the stories, you always find new ones too! :)

Betty Manousos said...

these stories are odd and rediculusly hilarious! that doggie perfume cracked me up!

big hugs~

Heather said...

A couple in the next town from here had to remove the vegetable garden they planted on the boulevard, it seems that bylaw enforcement decided that the plant stakes were too dangerous as some one might impale themselves on them.