9 Sep 2013


Author Catherine Alliott has taken a break from writing chick-lit novels for humans to write an audio book ..... for hens. Commissioned by the Happy Egg Company, Falling for Clooney  which centres on hen Molly and her roller-coaster relationship with the 'devishly handsome' cock Clooney. FULL ARTICLE

And talking of hens ......

A Berkshire pet-owner will be forced to wait 8 years to retrieve a diamond earring after her pet chicken swallowed the jewel while perching on her shoulder. FULL ARTICLE *

Parking bays underneath the new 'Walkie Talkie' skyscraper in the city of London have been suspended after motorists complained the glare from the building had melted parts of their vehicles. FULL ARTICLE *

But that's not all, in the latest development .....

The building's developer's have erected a black sunscreen measuring 10ft high by 13ft long in a bid to stop further damage. FULL ARTICLE *

Police are hunting a female shoplifter who wore a a moustache and fake nose to steal perfume from a Boots the chemist store. FULL ARTICLE

Described as a ‘sweet and beer-perfumed jelly with an intense scent and a full-bodied taste perfect for spreading on a slice of warm toast' chocolate beer spread has hit the shelves at Selfridges priced at £7.99. FULL ARTICLE

Charging £12 per head for a ghost hunt a paranormal medium has been accused of hiding a man in the attic to make ghostly knocking noises on the ceiling during a ghost hunt. FULL ARTICLE *

Must see images .......

From a chain-bearing child exploding out of flesh at the back of their neck to a full English breakfast and a scantily clad angel emerging from a woman's hair it seems nothing is too weird for body art aficionados. FULL ARTICLE/PHOTOGRAPHS.

Prison bosses have been criticised for wasting funds after it became known that they had rushed Reggie Kray to the vets. Accompanied by a police officer, the sick guinea pig was transported in a prison van only to die at the vets after which his death was logged on the prison computer as a death in custody. FULL ARTICLE

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Suko said...

There is so much in this post! The chocolate beer spread sounds like it could actually be good. Those tattoos are pretty extreme, and, of course, permanent. That "hot" skyscraper's pretty unbelievable. Thank you for sharing all of this odd news!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Those tats... well, some are cool and some are well.. :)

I am glad that they took the guinea pig to the vet. Usually you hear about bad behavior from these institutions. However, I do get what they complained about.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I do not know where you find these gems. I have never heard of a building melting cars! Chocolate beer spread? Audio books for hens. So much to think about and it just goes to show- anything is possible!

Happy Monday!

Naida said...

lol Tracy, I don't know where to start. A audio book for hens? lol
I think the shoplifter with a moustache and fake nose takes the cake.
Happy Monday :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Wow, an audiobook for hens! I'm not even sure why that's needed, but it's kind of awesome. I totally promote hen literacy. :)

Brian Joseph said...

Seriously, I wonder what temperature that parts of the cars under the glare of the building were reaching.

Kelly said...

They had the story about the building and the car warping here. It would have upset me, too!

I love my beer, but I think I'd rather drink it than spread it.

I'd be kinda torn about the chicken and the diamond. Too bad it didn't just pass it.

Interesting tattoos. I hate to tell her, but when she's older those flowers are going to wilt. ;)

Patti said...

I love your random news stories.

Karen said...

I like the brick wall skull tattoo. The artwork is beautiful on all of them - just not anything I would ever do or even enjoy looking at. But to each his own.

I would think the chicken would poop out the earring. Guess not lol

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

That skyscraper story is just unbelieveable, isn't it?

The fact that the architects couldn't have worked out any of the potential problems at the planning stage is bad enough, but then to discover that the designer has already had similar problems in Vegas with a ridiculously shaped building, is inexcusable.

Apparently the Jaguar talked about in the article looked a complete mess and I heard a radio interview with the owner, who was understandably gutted.

They took readings out on the pavement in front of the building last Saturday afternoon and the temperature reached over 50 degrees!

What a complete hash this project is!


Cherie Reich said...

You always managed to find the strangest news stories. :)

Gina R said...

wait wait wait...an audio book for hens? Well now, that HAS to be a first! ^_^