16 Jun 2013


  • A dead cat 
  • A hot shepherd's pie
  • A time travel machine
  • A live hamster
  • A selection of sex toys
  • 500 Barbie dolls
  • A garden pond complete with water and fish
  • A passport
  • A campervan
And perhaps most bizarre of all ......
  • A teenager
Thanks to Craig for the list. PW

Worked out what all of these have in common?

Need a clue?

Yes, according to a website these are just some of the more odd items us Brits have attempted to send by post in the previous year.

Which brings me to the question of have you ever received anything that bit strange in the post?

Nothing comes to my mind EXCEPT for the time I kept getting mail addressed to Mrs Cadbury when I'm in fact Mrs Terry. Not as strange as it may at first seem when you consider it came about as a result of this conversation which, having posted about it before, some of you may well remember.

Woman: "And now may I have your last name madam?"

Me: "Certainly, its Terry"

Woman: "Kerry?"

Me: "No, it's Terry"

Woman: "Sorry, is that Mrs Derry?"

Me: "No, its Mrs Terry. Terry with a T"

Woman: "Aah, I see. I'm really very sorry Mrs Curry"

Me: "No, its Mrs Terry, Terry with a T, Terry as in the chocolates"

Woman: "Aah, as in the chocolates, my apologies madam"

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Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I can't imagine the prospect of hubbie packing up his Koi Carp and trying to mail them to someone! ... although nothing would surprise me these days!

We have had one or two strange experiences with names being misunderstood over the phone, as our surname is GILL, so you can imagine the kind of thing I am talking about!

The one thing which is sure to send hubbie to ten thousand feet though, is when people regularly insist on trying to pronounce the name with a soft G, as in the French pronounciation!

We had a strange postal experience a few months ago, when we received a letter not only with someone else's name on it, but with a totally different address and postcode, which was at the other side of the country and not even similar to our own ... I often wonder if the recipient ever did get the letter!

Enjoy the rest of your day,


Barbara said...

Lovely! Thanks for making me laugh Mrs Cadbury, oh sorry, Mrs. Curry!

Kelly said...

I guess my mail is pretty tame compared to this list. A few of those items are pretty outrageous.

Alexia561 said...

I usually say "T as in Teresa or Tom" and then they usually understand. Otherwise I get called Mary, Carrie, or Sherry instead of Terri.

I've been getting so many packages lately that my postman seems to assume all packages are for me now and I'm getting packages for the whole street! DH is not amused, but I think it's pretty funny! :)

Brian Joseph said...

I cannot say that I ever received anything too odd in the mail.

I can say that I very mush wish I would get packages FROM Cadbury!

Karen said...

How the heck do you ship a pond or a campervan?

And ooh! Someone has a time machine?