18 Jun 2013



Carson Calley grew up living in Hollywood motels with his fortune-telling mother, who is full of stories about their former lives together and prophesies about his future.

We were Indians - Californian Indians. This pale skin was once native brown. And these legs of yours were once big and strong so that you could run after deer and shoot them with your arrows, and then bring the meat back to me. You were destined to be the great medicine man, the great healer who would take away all the pain and disease and suffering of our people.

 Believing his mother's yarns, Carson becomes a healer, with the people of Hollywood waiting in long lines to see him, but a purpose built on lies and exaggerations can't last...or can it?
...... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Chapter 1): I had a nightmare about red ants eating away at my hands.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 68): "Who wants knowledge when we live in a world of depressing truths? she asked idly. "Imagination - that's what gets you through all the crap." She released her hair and let it fall to her face. "You create a beautiful world in your mind and then close you eyes, and you keep your eyes closed as you go along. Then you don't even notice the crap."

MY THOUGHTS: Whilst most definitely not wanting as far as a plot goes it has to be said that this is essentially a character based novel. And what amazing characters they are, I'm still trying to work out if I liked twelve year old Carson because of or despite his flaws.

And its not just Carson either. Just as favourable are tattooist Faris and 'head shop' owner Casper who, having befriended him, offer an escape from loneliness to this remarkable and yet quite needy almost-teenager.

A tale of growing up, of what it is to be different. A story of first experiences, of discovery. Black Crow White Lie is a moving novel about a boy who, whilst still naive, in many ways is more of an adult than his mother, of an adolescent on the verge of becoming a young man who believing himself destined to be a great medicine man in a previous life sets out on an extraordinary journey to finally be with the father he believes to be a war hero.

A remarkably poignant and thought provoking debut, made even more so because of its short length of only 159 pages. And OK on hindsight there are aspects to it which are a bit far-fetched but you know what I found myself so much wanting the best for Carson that it really didn't matter. 

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anilkurup said...

Thanks T, I'm fine. Thanks for dropping by on my Blog.

Kelly said...

This sounds rather interesting. Great cover!

Brandi Kosiner said...

Glad to hear it was thoughtful and you enjoyed

Suko said...

Wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Tracy. It does sound really good and different.

Aunt Mary said...

It will be a lovely read , thank you so much for such a nice review :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Glad you enjoyed this one! Has an interesting premise; not sure if it's something I'd pick up on my own though.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

This really sounds like a book I would enjoy. I can't believe it is a small book! Must pack a punch in those short pages!

Naida said...

This sounds great, and I love that memorable moment.

Mama Zen said...

I'm definitely intrigued!

Arti said...

Although it did not evoke any interest in me after reading the opening lines, your verdict towards the end made this so interesting, Tracy. Would love to read this book.

Brian Joseph said...

This sounds really good.

That is a great line about truth, knowledge and imagination. Though not the primary way that I usually think about existence there are times that I feel that way.

Betty Manousos said...

love the cover. this does sound like an interesting book.
glad you enjoyed this one:)

big hugs

Gina R said...

Yay! So glad you enjoyed it. My experience with it was similar in that the overall was good, the bits and pieces were a smidge harder to connect but it worked. Definitely one of a kind at this point...loved how all the odds and oddness were tied together in the end. Thanks for sharing!

Jinky said...

Oooh, mighty meaty for a short book. I like that! Thanks for the review.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

This is my first time hearing of this one. It sounds great! I like that Carson is so interesting and the characters sound intriguing. Awesome review!