27 May 2013


Bother! Now only allowed to view so many (20 I think) articles on-line per month from one of my regular sources AND links will only be available for a short, very short, while, this could have quite an impact on my Media Monday posts. PW

Gnomes allowed. Lifting its ban on gnomes to celebrate its centenary Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate are the first gnomes to ever go on show at the Chelsea Flower Show. MORE

James Bond's watch turns up ...... James Bond's geiger counter wristwatch from Thunderball has turned up at a car boot sale following years of mystery about its whereabouts. Picked up for £25 the watch is to be sold at Christie's in London with an estimated price of up to £60,000. MORE

The most bizarre internet craze ...... until the next one comes along.  Pet owners across the world have embraced the latest internet craze, a photo fad that involves positioning a cat in front of one’s face in such a manner that the feline’s furry chin appears as if it is part of the model’s facial hair. MORE

What did I say? Only a day later and dog owners are getting in on the act with, you guessed, dog beards. MORE

Saucy! At first glance there is nothing remarkable about the four-bedroom detached house for rent in Sale, Cheshire until you notice the statue in the bottom left hand corner which I'll let you view at your own discretion.* MORE

The world's fastest, fully functional toilet. Plumber, Colin Furze, 33, from Stamford in Lincolnshire, has spent four weeks building the petrol-powered lavatory which boasts a powerful 140cc motorbike engine and can travel at 55mph. The high-speed toilet has been fitted with a button on the handle bars, so it can be flushed on the move, and a clip so he can read his favourite daily newspaper. MORE

Makes a change from collecting My Little Ponies ....... For two decades a 78 year old man from East Ardsley, near Leeds, has travelled the length and breadth of Britain amassing a batch of rare bricks (1,000 of them), the oldest of which was produced in 1892. MORE

Nooooo! A newlywed couple returned from a romantic honeymoon to find their home had been painted bright pink with white spots by the groom's brother. MORE

As much as I love handbags ...... As a fashion design some might say it is just offal. A 23 year old design student expects to divide opinion after making hand-stitched handbags (ranging from a formal clutch to a dainty handbag) using the stomach lining (tripe) of the highland cow as either a lining or outer material. MORE

This week's most odd headline? Shoplifter stole beef joint because it reminded him .... of his dead grandmother. MORE

Surely an extreme case of 'casing the joint'!** A groom has been jailed after looting the venue which hosted his wedding reception where the kind hearted boss of the club gave him and his bride a half price champagne buffet as they were hard up for cash. MORE

Whoever said crime didn't pay hadn't heard of Nottinghamshire police force. A drug dealer saw his ........ Second World War tank(?) sell on ebay for £5,205 after Nottinghamshire police force were granted a Confiscation Order that allowed them to seize £110,000 of his assets. MORE

Favourite article of the week ...... From a galaxy far, far away ..... Celebrating the 30th birthday of Return Of the Jedi with some bizarre merchandise including the C-3PO tape dispenser, a Star Wars toaster and the 'Dark Vador' burger. MORE

Hmm, I wonder if they used their concessionary bus passes. The Queen and the Duke Of Edinburgh caught a bus in Cambridge (as one does) and ended up 15 minutes late for the opening of a £212million lab for a leading medical research institute. (Hmm, I shouldn't have thought they'd start without her.)

* If you are unable to view image and are eager to know just what is in the bottom left hand corner please let me know. 

** Checking out a home, car, object, (Wedding reception venue) looking to see what can be stolen.

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StarTraci said...

So much fun here...
Gnomes aren't very big here though my kids want some after the Elton John move, "Gnomeo and Juliet". I'm not sure, however, that Kate would appreciate that one. :-)

The cat beards are hilarious.

I would not be happy if I came home from my honeymoon to a pink polka dot house. That is taking a prank REALLY far!

Have a great week.

Barbara said...

I feel so sorry for the person who sold that James Bond watch for £25 but why don’t I ever find anything like that at a car boot sale??
I giggled over the cat beards – wish I had a cat!
That’s some statue! I hope you can keep on sharing these. I always look forward to your posts.

Brandi Kosiner said...

The gnomes and that tape dispenser made me laugh

Kelly said...

I saw something about the cat beards over the weekend and, after viewing the dog beards, think the cats make for better beards.

It may just be on my end, but I couldn't get the article on the pink house or the statue to load. I'll try again later.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

You have surpassed yourself this week girl!

I think that the 'Mr. Blobby' decorating job was epic, although I am not so sure that I would feel the same way if that was done to one of my neighbours houses and I had to look at it day in, day out!!

I am truly wondering whether the 'bedroom art' was an 'off the shelf' purchase, or a 'one off' privately commissioned self portrait of the homeowners!!

I work for a charity shop and I am always so frightened that I am one day going to sell an item for a ridiculously low price, which is then going to go and be sold of for a fortune. That would be bad enough, but just suppose that the person then announced to the world, just exactly where they had purchased their gem .... oh the shame!!

Hope that you have had a great Bank Holiday weekend and have a good week.


Mama Zen said...

Is it just me, or does that tape dispenser look a little vulgar?

Suko said...

The cat and dog "beards" are hilarious! I think those pics are my favorites this week.

Fun Monday post, as usual!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I could get a dog beard just by brushing up against my harry dogs. LOL

I'm curious about the Star Wars movie. Wonder if it will fulfill the hype!

Bo said...

I must confess. I actually did buy a Darth Spud to keep my Stormtater company. I didn't stop there, though. I had to pick up the Indiana Jones potato head as well.
Do you think any less of me?

Alexia561 said...

Another great collection of fun stories! The cat beards are funny, but I have to wonder how the cats allowed it. I would have wound up a bloody mess if I had tried that with my Salem! And I love the pink house. Can't wait to see what they do to their brother for his wedding!

anilkurup said...

This Monday's collection seem to be ahead of many other.
The saucy statue in the bedroom is fine with me as long as it is confined there.
Well the high speed toilet, what about the privacy and the quiet?

Bizarre or is it natural for the fellow to think of his grand ma when he saw beef. Must usually happen when one think of the mother- in-law(sic)!!

Tracy on the whole excellent collection.
The pink and dotted painting seems to be the longing to be in the doll kingdom.

Naida said...

These are too funny Tracy. Eweww about the tripe handbags! and those cat mustaches are creepy.

Gina R said...

So much "fun" to comment on and yet I don't want to leave a post in the comments! ^_^ OYE to the garden gnomes, WTH to the cat mustache (that's just strange) and OMG to the polka dot wedding present. Hehe....gotta love some people's gift giving (and pranking) ideas.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

The animal beards are certainly interesting. You never know what is going to take off!

I am sure there are lots of Star Wars fans who would enjoy those interesting movie items. I can think of a few who would beg for that tape dispenser.

Betty Manousos said...

tracy, you find the funniest articles!

the cat beards are hilarious.
great collection today!