18 Mar 2013


After last week's oldest bed, today its the turn of the oldest bread ..... Terry O'Kelly (92) is the proud owner of a bread roll that dates back to 1899. Now kept in a glass case the roll was handed to Mr O'Kelly's grandfather on his release from Wandsworth Prison in London after he served 14 days for failing to pay a fine after he refused to have his two daughters inoculated against smallpox.  MORE

How romantic. A 40-year-old 'mind the gap' announcement once heard across the Tube is returning to one station - so that the widow of the actor behind it can hear his voice.  MORE

Throwing knives? At his mother? After a busy day at school most 10 year olds go home and kick a football around or play on a games console, not so one young boy who, Britain's youngest knife thrower, gets to throw knives at his mother, twice on a weekend. MORE

Oh the humiliation of it all!  A luxury Aston Martin car worth £180,000 has suffered the indignity of being written off by a £500 bright condom pink Vaux Corsa.  MORE

Now that's what I call diversifying ...... Heavy metal band Iron Maiden have developed their own real ale after getting together with Stockport brewers, Robinson's. The beer, named after one of the band's most popular singles The Trooper, features the band's Union Jack flag waving mascot, Eddie, who has appeared on every album cover and in every live performance on the logo. MORE (Image courtesy of Google Images)

Who's a pretty boy then?  Charlie, a green Eclectus parrot, is ahead of the fashion flock with his hand knitted jumpers. But its not just an accessory - Charlie has to wear the jumpers as after being abused by his previous owners he started to pluck out his feathers. MORE

For sale. A full-scale replica of the House of Commons has been put up for sale by a film studio which is having a bit of a clear-out. The 460 sq m (5,000 sq ft) set, in which Meryl Streep played Margaret Thatcher in the The Iron Lady, is on eBay. However, film buffs or political nerds will need deep pockets as the bidding has already reached £120,000. MORE 

whatever next no capital letters no question marks no full stops A move which saw Council officers in a rural English district take the curious decision to do away with the apostrophe in its street signs because it may prove confusing has been branded as 'appalling, disgusting and pointless' with some even going as far as to suggest it could represent a 'creeping threat resulting in the endangerment of those grammatical stalwarts, the comma and capital letter'. MORE

Spot the difference ..... 

Jim Bowen ...................... Pope Francis

Social networking sites such as Facebook have been inundated with thousands of people claiming comic Jim Bowen (perhaps best known for 1980's tv quiz show Bullseye) is a dead ringer for new Pope, Francis the 1st. MORE

Freeze! A grandfather aged 53 was out shopping when he spotted a pickpocket snatch a woman's purse. Chasing him down the supermarket aisles the father of three grabbed the thief by the lapels and ....... dumped him into a large freezer full of frozen pizzas until the police arrived. MORE

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Jean said...

I diverse bunch of tidbits. People are endlessly interesting.

Kelly said...

That roll is absolutely NASTY looking!! I can't believe they've saved it over 100 years! (or I guess I can, from the looks of it)

Aunt Mary said...

Yes! The bread roll is looking like a hard rock. Very interesting! :)

Gina R said...

Wow...that is definitely one roll I don't want any part of. *-* Really? Ale? Well, I suppose it goes well with their image...*oye*. Aww...poor Charlie! He does look smashing though. ^_^ Great post Tracy, thanks for the smile!

Barbara said...

Well done that man for pitching a thief into a freezer! Precious pic of a poorly treated parrot wearing a pullover – trying saying that after a glass or two of wine! Thanks for following my blog.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I think that parrots shouldn't be pets sometimes. It takes a lot of skill to own one and I've seen too many with that problem of no feathers b/c of stress. Poor baby!

Suko said...

Excellent and amusing "headlines"--and stories--today! Charlie is a pretty boy in his sweater vest. I remember hearing "mind the gap" many years ago when I traveled to England. Each of these stories is unbelievable or noteworthy in its own way!

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I had come across a couple of your stories before and hubbie and I have already had discussions about their merit.

The story about the tube station with a heart, was particularly touching.

The Devon council which is doing away with the apostrophe in the street names, I do actually have some sympathy with. On the one hand it could be described as a move which just condones the generally lazy attitude of the people in the country, however on the other hand the conundrum of just when to use the apostrophe and where to put it, is a never ending debate and dilemma, so maybe doing away with it altogether is the best way to solve the issue.

More great stories to brighten a Monday, thanks!


Blond Duck said...

That poor little bird! If I could knit, I'd make him a sweater.

I read my first Agatha Christie mystery yesterday and thought of you!

Cherie Reich said...

Such neat headlines! The pizza one made me laugh. I could just see the thief amongst the frozen pizza.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Fascinating tidbits as always! Charlie looks too cute- but I am sorry to hear he was absused. I can't get over the thief getting thrown into the frozen food! :)

anilkurup said...

Aint that knife throwing some what silly and even outrageous form of indulgence and that too at one's mom?
I liked the thief dumped in with the pizzas.
Pretty good picks T on this Monday too.

Rachel Bradford said...

Haha. I had to really look at that picture of "Pope Francis" for a while. :) That's pretty funny.