3 Mar 2013


Thinking in particular of Nina over at J'ADORE HAPPY ENDINGS who regularly features a Cover Alert (see her latest HERE) in which she asks her readers which book cover, American OR Dutch, they prefer I was delighted to be sent THIS LINK  in The Guardian newspaper which in turn led me HERE to Judging Book By Their Covers 2013: US Vs UK over at The Million which got me thinking as to which covers of these four books all of which I've previously reviewed here on Pen and Paper I liked best. But first to make it more fun.....

My favourites are the covers to the left but do you know/can you guess which is the US cover and which the UK?


ROOM: UK (left); US (right)
THE SENSE OF AN ENDING: US (left); UK (right)
THE TIGER'S WIFE: US (left) UK (right)
A MERCY: UK (right); US (left)

Guess right as to which was which? Which version of each book, US OR UK, do you prefer?

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Joan Robertson said...

Hiya , I,m with you on favourites to the left , but I didn't guess right. And I do judge a book on its cover , by the way thanks for leaving comment on my blog , hopefully everything will keep working well and we won'tt have any hiccups in the system

Kelly said...

I prefer the one on the right for the first and last books, but I'm not sure for the other two.

Wouldn't have know which was which for any except "Room", which I've read.

Karen said...

I had never thought about this until I won a book and the person let me choose between the US and the UK cover. I find that I usually prefer the UK covers for some reason.

Betty Manousos said...

i prefer the ones to the left.
and i really like those covers.
i think book covers absolutely make a difference. a good cover catches your eye and you tend to look into a book a bit more..

hope you're enjoying your sunday!

big hugs!

Suko said...

What a wonderful idea for a post! I only knew a few of these, such as Room, as I've seen the cover quite a bit. I hope you're having a terrific Sunday.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I didn't guess right- but I picked all of the books in the left column! Fascinating. :)

Alexia561 said...

I liked two of the US covers and two UK covers the best, but guessed wrong on all but Room (which I read). It's funny, because I usually prefer the UK covers on most of my books. Hope you have a great week!

Gina R said...

Ooh...covers are always a debateable point. Let's see here...
ROOM: UK on left, US on right - prefer left
ENDING: US on left, UK on right - prefer left
TIGER'S: US on left, Uk right - prefer US
MERCY: UK on left, US on right - prefer BOTH - they both have interesting aspects, the scenary AND the shoes!

...and now that I scroll down I see you answered the quiz already. Hehe....oh well. Looks like I guessed right though! *fist pump* ^_^