11 Mar 2013


  • Dinna, Dinna, Dinna. Me, Batman. Him Rob(b)in(g) ....The citizens of Bradford can rest a little easier, safe in the knowledge that Batman is roaming the streets of the West Yorkshire city and handing out justice after a unknown vigilante, wearing the traditional superhero mask, body armour and cape, walked in to a police station and handed over a criminal who was charged with handling stolen goods. MORE
  • Sexual urges not affected by alcohol? Ever felt one too many drinks have fooled you into thinking someone is better looking than they are? according to research carried out by Dr Ellison, of the psychology department of Durham University its all a myth as "The part of the brain controlling sexual urges keeps going no matter how much we have drunk (which) means our ability to assess someone’s attractiveness stays the same – until we pass out, that is." MORE
  • Proof that they don't make things to last like they used to? A 400 year old bed which has been slept in by 15 generations of the same aristocratic family has been identified as the oldest bed still in use in the UK. The antique four-poster with its ornate carved headboard has been providing a good night's rest for residents of the Berkeley Castle estate in Gloucestershire since 1608. MORE
  • T(h)att's the way to do it ..... Having spent more than £20,000 and at least 300 hours under the needle having 80% of his body and one eyeball covered in designs Britain's most tattooed man has changed his name by Deed Poll to Mr Body Art. MORE
  • Say 'Cheese' ..... A randy couple seemly enjoying a steamy encounter in what they thought was a discreet back street  were snapped by Google Street View Cameras. MORE
  • Not another high-speed car chase! Not usually a car thief's vehicle of choose, police are hunting suspected joyriders who stole an electric powered milk float which has a top speed of 15mph. MORE
  • Temper! Temper! Sussex police are hunting an elderly man believed to be in his 60's who, on his mobility scooter, rammed into a supermarket window causing it to smash after what is believed to have been altercation over a 'customer service issue'. MORE
  • Proof that laminate shelving can be dangerous stuff ....... A Surrey town centre was cordoned off for four hours after a bomb squad was called to a chemists to dispose of a 'suspicious package' - which turned out to be laminate shelves. MORE

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Kelly said...

I studied furniture design and history once upon a time, so I found the story about the bed fascinating.

I'm a fan of tattoos in general, but I think the guy featured here is a bit extreme. I didn't even know an eyeball could BE tattooed! (and wasn't real impressed with the result)

Suko said...

I can't get over that tattooed eyeball! That must have been painful.

Alcohol may put many people into the "anything goes" mode, so maybe they become more "open minded", even if they don't don "beer goggles" or "rose-colored glasses".

So many stories here today! We are certainly a strange species.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

Is there any part of our society which isn't hell bent on self destruction these days??

I can't stand to look at a tattooed body, no matter how much or how little work has been done. I personally can't see anything 'tasteful' or discreet about it .... But then I feel pretty much the same way about multiple ear and body piercings .... One small hole in each ear lobe is more than enough thanks!

Mind you, it could be said that the person defacing their body is only harming themselves and not inflicting their passion on others .... Which is more than can be said for the 'stroppy' OAP in his mobile cart!! ... and I have the cheek to blame it all on the young people, just look at some of the role models they have!!

The usual laughs and outrage for a Monday, thanks for them all,


Shooting Stars Mag said...

omg, a tattooed eyeball? I can't even imagine how much that would hurt! gah!!! Needles really do freak me out.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I can't get past the eyeball being tattooed. Ugh.. now I need to go scrub my brain. LOL

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I cannot even imagine getting a tattoo on my eyeball! That couple must be surprised that they were on film! I guess we are almost always on some camera or another these days (yikes).

Bo said...

Once again, you have the most interesting news stories. The Batman story really struck a cord with me. I had a housemate who was obssessed with Batman so much so that he also had a full body costume. At the time, we live on a sloping road that was fronted by a couple of big trees and it wasn't well illuminated. He used to dress up and go out on the side of the street and wave at passersby when it was dark out. Not at all freaky.

Barbara said...

A tattooed eyeball? You have got to be kidding!
A fascinating round up (no pun intended) thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

The batman story even made it to our news here in Ontario and it was repeated over a few days.

Lisa said...

Hi! Lisa from booth555 dropping over! Your blog is so cute! Love the saying at top!
omgosh an eyeball can be tattoed? my late mom had eye cancer which resulted in a fake eye (a living sponge from the sea) which was painted up kinda like a tattoo, but I did not know a living eye could be done... omgosh, it had to hurt.

Karen said...

You find the best stories! Fun post as always.

Betty Manousos said...

omg, a tattooed eyeball? i still find them utterly scary.
...and the guy in that photo really does freak me out!