10 Oct 2012


  • On average I cost £96 though in certain parts of the country it's £119
  • I generally hold 40 items with a combined value of £110.25 but in some places the total is more like 63 items
  • 82% of the population believe I say a lot about your personality 
  • 42% of the population say looking inside me is as personal as reading your text messages
  • Many men feel a mixture of fear, intimidation and nerves about my contents
  • Fewer than one in five British men would consider looking inside me
  • One in five Welsh women would rather let a stranger use their toothbrush than look inside me
What am I?

Yes, I'm your ........

It's a question as old as time itself, what does a woman really keep in her handbag?

And now according to a new survey carried out by Cadbury chocolate to launch their new handbag size Dairy Milk Bubbly Mini Bar we may finally have the answer with this list of the top 10 of items carried (the percentage of woman carrying item is in brackets, a tick indicates that that item is to be found in my bag )........

Money/credit/debit cards (72%)
Painkillers (58%)
Make-up bag (54%)
Sunglasses (40%)

Feminine products (38%)
Diary/address book (33%)
iPod/MP3 player (20%)
Chocolate (10%)
Emergency loo roll/tissues (8%)
Spare knickers (4%)

But what of the other estimated 30 items?

I tell you what, if I reveal the contents of my handbag will you do the same?

You will?

OK then, apart from the above mentioned, in my bag I have ......
  • Asthma inhaler
  • Keys
  • Amethyst crystals
  • A heart shaped soap-stone
  • Hairbrush
  • Sanitising hand gel 
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Wet wipes
  • A lucky 'good health' charm
  • Glasses case
  • Breath mints
  • A duck whistle (best not to ask)
  • Travel passes
  • Mini screwdriver kit
And now it's your turn.

By the way you might be interested to know that its not only our handbags that tell us something of our personality, apparently how we like our eggs also indicates something about us as individuals......

  • Poached egg eaters are outgoing
  • Boiled egg lovers are disorganised 
  • Fried egg fans have a high sex drive
  • Scrambled egg aficionados are guarded
  • Omelette eaters are self-disciplined. 
Hmm, so are you a poached egg fan or do you prefer a nice omelette or a tasty boiled egg or how about scrambled or fried?


Well!!! Let's just say I'm very rarely outgoing or guarded though I can occasionally be disorganised and self-disciplined.

Source: MailOnline.


Trac~ said...

Hey there- great list! Here's mine:

Ink pen
Makeup bag
Lists of things I have to take care of
Spare set of keys
Hairpins and ponytail holders
Hand sanitizer
Car charger for my iPhone

My favorite eggs are definitely the fried ones but I don't agree with the high sex drive part. - LOL

Have a great day! :)

veens said...

:-) Love this post! What do you find inmy bag? -
Lots of wrappers
wet wipes
one toffee :)
a red seed (don't ask :D)
a toy car (yes I have a 2 year old car fanatic)
a usb drive
2-3 pens
one towel

and depending on the day - biscuits/extra dresses/ diapers lol!

I love my eggs scrambled, sometimes an omelette and I love love egg curry ;) :)

Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

I'm pretty proud of myself for guessing this one correctly!

Here's what's in my purse:
glass cleaning cloths
a collection of receipts
scrap paper
3 pens
1 tub and 2 tubes of carmex
contact lens solution
life savers mints
misc earrings

I rarely eat eggs, when I do it's usually hard boiled, except that doesn't really fit me because I am pretty organized!

Jeannie said...

I don't believe for a minute that how you like your eggs has any correlation to those particular qualities. My husband loves all eggs. He is outgoing and disorganized. I'm not very fond of eggs at all but if I have to eat them, I prefer them scrambled. No one says I'm guarded. Except when it comes to eggs - I especially can't stand them if they are undercooked and scrambled is the surest way of knowing they are done.

I can't believe the average price of bags is that high in Britain! Designer bags perhaps but there are millions of bags here available for half that price or less. The bag I carry cost me $7. It is small so it really doesn't carry anything beyond the absolute necessities. Beyond those, I usually carry a pen.

Patti said...

My bag is pretty boring: wallet, glasses, kindle, paper, pens, a little make up.

GMR said...

Hmm, okay okay you shared, so shall I. Along with items 1, 2 (though it extends to a mini-med kit), 5, and 7, I carry....

cell phone
pocket ereader
a book
cell charger
hair tie
lip balm

...and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, just kidding on the last one. ^_^ As for the eggs, I usually like scrambled, but an omelette is nice now and then. ^_^

fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I would never pay more than £20 for a handbag .. I carry so much in them, that the straps break and they fall apart too quickly to spend more! Everyone moans about the weight of my handbag and I can't think why!!

Credit Card Holder
Car Key
Keyring with set of 5 house keys
Mobile Phone
Mini Umbrella
Pack Of Mints
Pack Of Tissues
Body Spray
Feminine Products
Wet Wipes
Empty carrier bags for shopping
Cheque Book x 2
Paying In Book
Driving Licence
Gift Vouchers in case I see something I like....

I am not a big egg fan,
I like scrambled egg, but it has to firm and not at all runny!
I can eat boiled egg with soldiers but not very often.
My favourite way with eggs is hard boiled and I could eat those anytime.

Your chart says that a boiled egg person is disorganised ... but that I am definitely not! I have lists to keep track of lists! and nothing will wait until tomorrow if I can possibly fit it in today!!

Great fun post,


Alexia561 said...

Great post! I'm a little afraid to actually look in my purse, but know that I always carry:
hand sanitizer
Swiss Army Knife
my nook
make up bag
feminine products
cell phone and charger
coupon holder

whoa...no wonder it's so heavy! *L*

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Cute post.

cell phone
epi pen
hair clippie
chap stick/gloss
feminine products

I really need a duck whistle tho... :D

Suko said...

As a rule, I try not to carry too much in my purse, although I do have many of the items mentioned in both lists! But sometimes I scale back, when I am traveling and/or walking.

As for eggs, I do wish I liked eggs by themselves more! I know they're healthy, but they're not my favorite food, although I don't mind them in baked goods.

Jenners said...

Does it mean I'm an optimist if I like sunny side up eggs?

Lets see...what is in my purse?

Cell phone
Wet wipes
Antibacterial hand gel

I'm a bit of a minimalist.

naida said...

lol Spare knickers?
My hubby is surely afraid of looking in my purse...sometimes I'll ask him to go in there to get whatever...my phone...spare change...and he just brings me the bag and insists I get it myself.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

that is funny about the eggs...I love scrambeled and it looks like it's true for me; i'm pretty guarded.

I don't really like purses to be honest, so I don't have a lot in mine:

lip gloss
college I.D.
mini notebook
toothbrush/toothpaste (I have bracees LOL)
sometimes a book...


A Lady's Life said...

Woah! What a lot to think about.
I got the purse riddle.lol
I have everything in there but the kitchen sink.
Scissors, knives, crochet hooks, tooth picks, lipstick , make up,candy, note books,needles, thread,mirror, socks,
keys, wallet, napkins, womens serviettes, tooth brush,hair brush and other stuff I need for the day I dump in and out. I am always afraid to get stuck in a seat belt so I always need something to cut me out and also if I want to find something, if its not in there I won't find them. My guys always ask do you have this or that? Yup
As for eggs I like sunny side up but I also like all kinds depending on the day and what I need them for. Hard boiled is always nice for quick meals, poached for diets,scrambled for sandwiches.I like change so I guess I'm a mess. lol
But heres something I learned from my fella gals. If you wonder what a man is like in bed, watch how he eats. If he is a gusto eater, he will be a man eater in bed. lol
Am I bad or what? lol

Betty Manousos said...

great list!
here's mine:

wet wipes, tissues.
cell phone
lip gloss.


Claudine G. said...

I shall resist asking about the duck whistle. Contents in my bag:
- a notebook
- a notepad (not sure why I'd need both at the same time)
- a pen
- my purse
- my bus/train card
- two amulets I've been carrying around since childhood
- a bottle of water
- my iPod (my only i-thing)
- a book to read
- my mobile phone
- lip balm
- hand cream
- tissue paper
- a toothbrush

Boring, right?

I read the part about the eggs some time ago, too. Strange, I like poached eggs, but I'm not outgoing. I like scrambled eggs and ... okay, well, used to be pretty guarded.

Kelly said...

I knew the minute I started reading this post that we were talking about purses!! I am a VERY organized, OCD person and it shows from the inside of my purse. In fact, I've posted about my purse (and how I can keep the insides, yet change the cover) in the past.

I can assure you the egg thing is false...at least in my case. ;)

Dizzy C said...

I suppose the duck whistle could be a good alarm or else stun the assailant into a state of confusion :)

I have

inhalers (for AJ)

tissues (every mother's must)



4 lipsticks (add another each time just in case)

purse (want a new one, cant get on with this one)

Loose mints with added fluff

Safety pin (another mother's must but not sure why)


Kindle (sometimes, when have appointments)


carol xx

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

What a fun post! I like my eggs all different ways- so maybe I am moody? :)

In my purse:
hand sanitizer
business cards
sinus meds
cell phone
feminine products