9 Jul 2012


........ the Garden Shed Of The Year 2012.
Eight impressive sheds made it to the final of the annual competition praising sheds and British ingenuity - out of more than 2,000 entries.
Overall winner John Plumridge, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, took shed decorating to new levels however when he spent more than four years converting his humble hut into a local pub.
The shed, dubbed the Woodhenge Pub by its creator, houses a beer bottle collection of over 500 real ales, 110 ciders, and even spirit optics. MoreSee Other entries.

Shiver me timbers .......
Lost treasure belonging to the pirate Johnny Depp's famous character Jack Sparrow has been discovered in a house under a grand piano.
Carved with a skull and crossbones and inscribed with the initials WK, the 17th-century wooden Bible box, King James Bible and mirror were possessions of Dundee-born scourge of the seas William Kidd.
There has long been speculation that Kidd buried treasure on an island and maps apparently showing where it is stashed have surfaced over the years.
Some believe the story is a clever Victorian hoax, but the legend prevails and treasure hunters are convinced it is genuine. More

Walkies! but not too slowly.
A dog lover could face jail if deemed to be giving her pedigree pets their "walkies" too slowly following a judge's verdict on a bitter neighbours dispute which resulted in Mrs Jefferies being handed an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act after a judge found she had been using the path for "snooping" on her neighbours.
The order stipulates that Mrs Jefferies must "move along at a reasonable speed" when using the disputed path - or face a maximum penalty of a £5,000 fine or six months' imprisonment which she complains effectively bans her from walking her beloved dogs for fear that they might feel the call of nature of otherwise "dawdle" on the path, landing her in jail. More

My favourite two articles of the week ......

Robert Roberts by name, Robber by nature .....
A thief went to a job interview at a factory he burgled not realising his face had been captured on CCTV.
Robert Roberts, 28, had raided the business just days before he had the nerve to turn up looking for work. More

Ever tried to pull open a door clearly marked push? .......
In the cut and thrust of armed robbery negotiating a door is likely to be the least of your problems.
However it was a door that led to the undoing of criminal James Allan when he had trouble working out which way it opened, his getaway thwarted when he failed to distinguish between the doors 'push' and 'pull' mechanism until, in frustration, he took off the balaclava hiding his face inadvertently revealing it to the CCTV camera. More

And to think they used to send children up chimneys!
Five-year-old Jessica Rosbook is sure to be the envy of all her friends after landing a dream job as a toy tester for toy manufacturer Tomy.
Her job involves testing and rating the products which get sent to her door throughout the year AND gets to keep everything she gets sent to add to her toy collection. More

First London Underground was 'invaded' by football supporters dressed as smurfs, now its the turn of pandas.
A group of giant pandas caused PANDAmonium on the London Underground network this week after taking a ride on the tube.
Promoting Panda Awareness Week, the costumed pandas performed a tai-chi inspired dance before attending a Panda party in Covent Garden. More

Best drtressesd?
A dress made entirely of human hair has been featured in the Miss England contest. More

And talking of hair .......
Happy, the former show-jumping horse has been returned to his former glory after loosing his tail to cancer. The intervention of a hair extension company has come at just the right time for Happy who was beginning to show distress at no longer having a tail to wave away flies. More

I'm A Barbie Girl in a (Barbie) world gone mad ..... 
It's every girls dream to make a spectacular entrance on their prom night, but these girls certainly win the crown by arriving encased in life-sized Barbie doll packaging.
Emily Pounde and Hannah Jagger, both 16, finished off their princess look of ballgowns, tiaras and flowing hair by arriving inside the home-made plywood and Perspex boxes, complete with Mattel branding, to mimic their childhood idol. More

Most bizarre story of the week?

Wanna know from where in the UK someone lives? 
According to new research the shape of a woman's eyebrows reveals where she is from even quicker than her accent.
Southerners are braving the thick ‘South’ brow whilst Northerners prefer the dark, waxed, so-called 'Scouse brow', the Welsh a soft arched brow and the Irish the tadpole look. More

More money than sense? 
Billed as the world's most upper crust slice of toast, a 31 year old piece of white toast said to have been left uneaten by Prince Charles on the morning of his 1981 wedding to Diana Spencer is expected to fetch £500 when it goes to auction later this month. More


naida said...

Great stuff as always Tracy. I'm glad Happy the horse got a new tail and that dress made from hair is gross! lol

Nina said...

Oh wow! That dress of human hair is crazy! :)

anilkurup said...

The thieves apparently did not do their home works well.
As usual pretty fascinating bits on your Monday column.

Mama Zen said...

I would love to have seen the tai-chi pandas!

Melanie said...

Ick, I don't think I'd be able to handle wearing a human hair dress.

GMR said...

Huh...well someone sure liked their ale. OMG...yeah, that's a robber for one of those non-too-bright books.. *shakes head* LOL on the push/pull door dilemma. There's a Chinese restaurant I visit once in a while that has a door that you PULL to open, and it says PULL on the handle, but can you guess what the best entertainment is when you're there? Yep...all the "push"ers. ^_^

Suko said...

These stories are all unbelievable! I love the Barbie boxes; they are well done and poke fun at Barbie. As usual, you give us the best and funniest news bits, a great way to begin another Monday.

ashok said...

you posts are very entertaining!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I keep thinking that locks of love could have used the hair on that dress. It would have looked better on a young child.

That Barbie one made me laugh.

Alexia561 said...

Love the giant pandas! And the Barbie prom girls are too funny! Hair dress is a little icky though. :)

Blond Duck said...

You can't even dawdle now?

Betty Manousos said...

these are great, tracy!:)

oh, that dress of human hair cracked me up!

big hugs!