16 Jul 2012


Choo-Choo Train!
A retired accountant who loves trains built a £22,000railway line in his back garden.
Bill Barritt, 80, spent three years building his own private train and 1.2 miles of track, which takes him around his 13 acres of land at his country home. More

Kapow! Batman should consider a parachute.
Published in a University of Leicester Journal Of Special Physics paper entitled 'Trajectory of a Falling Batman' a team of boffins have concluded that Batman could fly using just his cape but would suffer serious injuries when trying to land.
If Batman jumped from a building 492ft (150m) high, the team discovered, he could glide a distance of around 1148ft (350 metres). But his velocity would increase to about 68 mph as he descended before reaching a steady 50 mph as he approached street level - a speed too great for him to survive without serious injury. More

Another case of more money than sense?
Stone Roses fans have entered into a bidding war on e-Bay over a container full of 'atmosphere' collected during the opening night of the bands sell-out concerts in Manchester.
Offers for the pot, which is believed to be a urine sample container, have already passed the £500 mark with fans desperate to buy a quirky memento of the comeback concert. More

ET phone home send a postcard ......
Government officials believe aliens may visit Earth and suggest harnessing UFO technology for UK defences, files say.
Documents from the Ministry of Defence classified archives show staff believed aliens could visit for “military reconnaissance”, “scientific” research or “tourism”.
In a 1995 briefing now published HERE in the National Archives, a desk officer said the purpose of reported alien craft sightings “needs to be established as a matter of priority”, adding there did not appear to be “hostile intent”. More

We all sleep in a yellow submarine ....
It's renowned the world over as the home town of the Fab Four. Now one businessman in Liverpool is offering what is, arguably, the must-stay experience for any self-respecting Beatles fan.
A narrowboat has been converted into a floating hotel - and painted to look like the Yellow Submarine on the cover of the Fab Four's iconic album. More

Wow, that's some left hook ...
In a case of David versus Goliath, this is the moment a Pomeranian is shocked to be on the receiving end of a left hook from a feline nemesis.
This freeze frame captures the exact moment that status quo is shattered as a Siamese cat takes his revenge. More

How romantic is this ........
A devoted farmer created this touching heart-shaped meadow as a tribute to his late wife - by planting thousands of oak trees.
Dedicated Winston Howes, 70, spent a week carefully planting 6,000 oak saplings after his wife of 33 years Janet died suddenly 17 years ago.
He laid out the fledgling trees in a six-acre field but left a perfect heart shape in the middle - with the point facing in the direction of her childhood home. More

What a good idea, perfect for the British weather ....
The Lampbrella has been designed for those of us who get caught short by the elements.
When the canopy's sensors detect rainfall the umbrella is deployed and if it is left unused for two minutes it will close again.
The Lampbrella's canopy, with a diameter of 7ft 2in and installed 6ft 5in from the ground, could comfortably shelter 10 to 12 people. More 

He(a)rd about the cow mooving with the times?
A dairy farm has come up with a new form of farming technology - putting QR codes on to cows.
The idea behind the digital bar-codes at Southfields farm in Somerby, Leicestershire, is to give consumers more information about their cows’ lives including details on Lady Shamrock’s opinions on her fellow cows, information about milking time, favourite foods and how she is cared for by the farm team. More


Dizzy C said...

Now I had to check it was not April 1st with the UFO, Umbrella and cow stories.

The farmer's heart of trees is so touching. A man of few words I suspect.


Jeannie said...

People come up with some crazy stuff don't they?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Petty,

Very interesting information and I came to know so many things from this excellent post. Many thanks.

Best wishes,

Arti said...

What amazing stories!! Unbelievable and Quirky! Loved the one about that Oak tree one the most.
Have a wonderful day Tracy:)

DMS said...

Love the umbrella idea! The heart in the forest is beautiful and touching. I am amazed that anyone took the time to calculate Batman math. He is a superhero- so maybe that would discount the findings. Of course, math is not my best supbject- so maybe not. :)

Deepali said...

Awwww @ the heart in the field!!

Lilly said...

Oh wow, I love the heart shaped meadow! And I definitely have to go to Liverpool now, just to see the yellow submarine with my own eyes!

joan said...

thanks for those, loved the idea of the lampella but it could only work somewhere posh like London or Paris not in boring doncaster lol

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Cute storie as usual. Love the cat and dog one.

NRIGirl said...

Poor pom! Bad bad cat!

Suko said...

Wonderful stories, some odd, some touching, and some funny. Happy Monday, Petty!

The Golden Eagle said...

Aw, the one about the oak trees is so sweet. :)

Cow QR codes? Interesting. I wonder how many people will bother to stop and used them, though.

The Golden Eagle said...

*use, not used.

Blond Duck said...

Love the heart thing... can't stand the codes on cows.

Book club starts mañana!

Jenners said...

The cat punching out the dog is classic!! Love it.

GMR said...

Of all the stories, I think the "atmosphere for sale" one is the most hard to believe...and yet not. *-* What will they think of next? Oh wait, don't answer that. AS for the "cat dog fight", poor puppy!