2 Apr 2012


....... Can you spot the April Fool's Day prank?

Now as most of you are aware as well as wherever possible adding a link to the full article I always add as many details (which newspaper the article was in etc) as I can when doing these Media Monday posts but today I'm going to omit them all and see if you can pick out which article(s) if any where in fact an April Fool's Day prank(s) played by a newspaper(s). The answer to be supplied in this posts comments box tomorrow.

Surely a publicity stunt!

MY MUM WAS A 9FT GREEN ALIEN. Town councillor Simon Parkes has claimed his mother is a green alien and extra-terrestrials abducted him as a child.
Parkes believes a 2.7m (9ft) lifeform stood next to his cot when he was a baby and ‘two green stick things’ appeared. 
‘I thought “they’re not mummy’s hands, mummy’s are pink,’ Mr Parkes said.
‘I was looking straight into its face. It enters my mind through my eyes and it sends a message down my  optic nerve into my brain, saying “I am your real mother, I am your more important mother”.’ 
Mr Parkes, a Labour member elected to Whitby town council in North Yorkshire last month, says his beliefs have not interfered with his work, adding ‘I get more common sense out of the aliens than out of Scarborough town hall. The aliens are far more aware of stuff." 


SAMPLES ALBERT EINSTEIN'S BRAIN GO ON DISPLAY.  Sections of Albert Einstein's brain are going on display in Britain for the first time in an exhibition of notable examples of human grey matter.
When the physics genius died aged 76 in 1955 his brain was divided into sections, two of which are going on show at the Wellcome Collection show Brains: The Mind As Matter.
The exhibition also features (amongst others) the brain of the US suffragette Helen Gardener, which she donated to science to disprove theories about gender, the brain of an ancient Egyptian, one of the oldest known specimens, the brain of the computer science pioneer Charles Babbage (1791-1871), and a brain specimen containing a bullet wound. 

Hardly the fizziest drinks in the fridge ....

COUPLE ARRESTED AFTER REPORTING THE THEFT OF THEIR ILLEGALLY GROWN PLANTS.  Perhaps this half-witted couple had been smoking a little bit too much of their own stock when they decided to ring the police to report that their £10,000 cannabis farm had been stolen. 

It was red and yellow and green and brown......... it was a coat car of many colours.

PEUGEOT PAINT CHANGES COLOUR WITH YOUR MOOD. Peugeot's latest innovation is paint that changes colour with your mood, giving you a car for all occasions. (To view video click on article link) 

To celebrate the first wedding anniversary of Wills and Kate, how about this souvenir mug ....... 

FEATURING THE WRONG BROTHER. They are one of the most recognisable couples in the world but that didn't stop one company placing a picture of Prince Harry next to his brother's wife Kate Middleton by mistake on the commemorative mugs.
The mug, produced in China, includes the hopeful message: ‘The body of a man, the beauty of a woman, may they produce children.’

Not the only 'royal' story to make the news, .........

FOR SALE: ONE SILVER TOAST RACK. A silver toast rack has been put on sale at Kensignton Palace, with an eye-watering price tag of £1000.
The solid silver holder complete with a gold-plated trim is among replica royal items reportedly being sold at the newly-refurbished residence, which opened this week to the general public.
The crown-inspired design is also studded with small blue, red and green crystals. Only two of the toast racks have been made, with the other showcased at the Tower of London.
For those who feel the retail prices are a bit steep - the breakfast set will set yourself back more than £3000 - the Palace does sell cheaper versions, with a less expensive toaster going for perhaps a more reasonable £40. 

Known for our wet weather, believe it or not parts of England are under threat of a hosepipe ban.

HAND IN YOUR HOSE CAMPAIGN.  The worst drought for three decades is forcing the Government to call for Britain's gardeners to hand in their hosepipes under a nationwide amnesty
People living in areas where the ban comes into force on Thursday are to be given the opportunity to surrender garden hoses at local police stations. Water providers have already set up phone lines so that people can report neighbours who flout the ban, but now the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has asked the police to set up "hosepipe bins" at stations for people to deposit their sprinklers and hoses. 

A Tree-mu?

SPOTTED: AN EMU-SHAPED BRANCH. Tony Govier believed he had made an astonishing discovery while driving through a Somerset village when he thought an oddly-shaped branch at the side of the road was an emu hiding behind a hedge.
Tony was so stunned that he actually stopped in his tracks and went back to the hedge to investigate, where he discovered that the 'emu' was nothing more than the twisted branch of a tree. 

PS. As next Monday is Easter Monday there may not be a Media Monday post.


anilkurup said...

With such pieces u make each day live not just the all fools day. ROL over the anniversary souvenir mug!!

Kelly said...

Considering fact is often stranger than fiction, I would be hard pressed to guess which of these were prank stories. Maybe the garden hose story?

I look forward to learning the truth!

Suko said...

Hmmm....how could a car change colors along with your mood (although maybe the lights do).

Happy April, Petty!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Well, I might have said the alien story, but when he said that he got more sense out of the aliens than the town hall... sounds real to me! LOL

Jenners said...

Hmmm…hard to decide as most of the stories you feature sound made up and bizarre. But I'm going with color changing car???

naida said...

Hmmmm...these all sound nutty lol I think it's the car too

Jinky said...

Very hard! There's just so many bizarre things people say/do. Definitely yuck on the Einstein brain ..hope that's the prank!! --Looking forward to the answers.

Alexia561 said...

Hard to decide which one isn't true, as you find so many hard-to-believe stories! I'm going to guess the hosepipe ban is the fake story.

JI said...

They all sound bizarre, but I'm tempted to think the first one is a prank.

There's not much difference between mainscream media and fiction nowadays.

Thanks for visting my blog.


....Petty Witter said...

Thanks for all your suggestions. A bit naughty of me I know but there were in fact two stories - the car and the hosepipe amnesty.