21 Apr 2012


Today I was sitting in traffic.
Hardly surprising, I was hit by a car.

My aunty has been unwell recently.
Suffering from hayfever, she then found out she has diabetes.
I tried to cheer her up by taking her some flowers and chocolates.

A man walks into a bar
- Ouch.

Breaking News from Hd... (Not a joke)

The wheel's come off... Executing a particulalrly hairy U-turn this morning in the Longbenton F1, outside the paper shop, Tracy had that sinking feeling as she suddenly listed to one-side. Yes, Madge had suffered the serious indignity of parting company with her left wheel. Many thanks to Ronnie Brown for sparing Tracys blushes and giving her a lift home whilst I retraced our steps to find Tracys, sorry Madges loose screw. Thanks also to Bob, who on suggesting that an empty wheelchair indicated that I had forgotten something, then found the offending article.


joan said...

hi love it,especially the dancing fruit, needed the laugh,
hope madge is back on four wheels and you have found the missing article from the wheelchair,
joan (ps sent a friends request on facebook)

animewookie said...

:o Glad to hear that everything has been recovered and that Madge is doing well ;)

Kelly said...

Just my kind of humor!!

Sorry to hear about the mishap with Madge, though. Hope she's back in working order now and ready for another 10,000 miles of service!

The Golden Eagle said...

"Ouch"--LOL. Yes, I would imagine that would be painful!

I hope Madge is back together now.

Alexia561 said...

Sorry to hear about Madge's mishap, but glad that Tracy made it home safe and sound! And I bet Hd paid for that loose screw comment! LOL!

Suko said...

My favorite one is the aunty joke. Enjoy your weekend, Petty!

StarTraci said...

Loved the laughs but glad that your, I mean Madge's, screws are no longer loose.


ashok said...

Thanks for this light post :)

naida said...

Lol about the jokes :)
I hope all is well with Madge!

Jenners said...

Oh dear … I hope Madge gets better real soon!

Kalyan said...

Nice reading...lol!

Betty Manousos said...

glad to hear that madge is doing well.

lol! great jokes!

have a wonderful week ahead.


John McElveen said...

5 STARZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL