12 Mar 2012


Aah, but who takes Toby for walkies?

MAN INVENTS DEVICE TO FEED HIS DOG USING TWEETS. Pet-owner Nat Morris from Wales has invented a hi-tech way of feeding his dog, 4-year-old Toby, - by Twitter.
IT consultant Nat Morris, 30, uses an  electronic system to give his border terrier Toby a ‘tweet treat’ by sending him a Twitter message to @FeedToby (which) When a tweet is sent, it is received by a mini-computer, and a buzzer sounds alerting Toby. A motor from a small HP printer comes to life and pulls open a trap door which releases a serving of food down a tube and into Toby’s food bowl below. - Sonia Elks, The Metro (05/03/2012)

What's that old saying ........ A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand a blog post?

POOHING PIGEONS AND 'SUICIDAL' GEESE! Seagulls are being blamed for causing a town's street lighting to stay on 24 hours a day.
Council chiefs in Brighton, East Sussex, say that the light-sensitive photocell mechanism on top of the lamps is being blocked by the birds’ droppings, fooling the system into thinking that it is permanently night time.
Meanwhile, geese in the resort of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, are being left dead or badly maimed after flying into the wall of an apartment block on their way out to sea, leaving large indentations in the side of the building.
Developers have attempted to deal with the problem by installing LED lighting to act as a deterrent. But a resident claimed that the measures had not fully dealt with the problem, and that the building’s cream facade was confusing the birds. - The Telegraph (06/03/2012)

WARNING .......... Cute picture alert.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER SQUIRREL. Award winning wildlife photographer Mark Hancox snapped this little fellow strutting his stuff in the Cairngorms in Scotland.
He said: “It was hilarious, it was quite a windy day and it looked like the squirrel was trying to catch nuts as they fell from a tree.
“As he bobbed up and down on his hind legs he suddenly appeared to dance.
"He really looked like John Travolta from (the 1977 film)Saturday Night Fever.” - Wendy Fuller, The Mirror (06/03/2012)

And now for another look-alike .......

TREE-REX FOUND IN NORFOLK. Over dozens of years the tree has been battered by high winds that have formed the branches into the shape of a prehistoric lizard. - Wendy Fuller, The Mirror (08/03/2012)

What a mistake to make.

SHAKESPERE? DON'T YOU MEAN SHAKESPEARE? (Clothing store) Topshop attempted to pay homage to English literature with a new t-shirt quoting Shakespeare, but sadly spelt the Bard's name wrong.
The white t-shirt read 'Romeo Romero, Wherefore art thou Romeo?' and underneath: 'Shakespere'. - The Metro (06/03/2012)

And Topshop aren't the only ones .......

COUNCIL WORKERS IN SPELLING ERROR. Its one of the first words you learn to spell as a child, but it looks as if these council workers may have skipped a year after misspelling the word 'school' outside a local primary. 
The workers were left red-faced after pupils spotted the most basic of spelling errors written in bright yellow paint outside their school gates.
After completing necessary road maintenance, ground workers spoiled all their hard work by writing the word 'SCHOUL' in gigantic lettering outside Wolverton Primary School, in Oxford.
Upon seeing the repainted road markings, six-year-old pupil Daniel Cox said: 'I can spell 'school' better than that.' - Mark Molloy, The Metro (08/03/2012)

I personally thought these washing instructions quite funny but enough of me, I'm away to put on the washing machine as it seems its my job and not Husband dearests.

'SEXIST' TROUSERS CAUSE OUTRAGE. Madhouse, a nationwide chain of discount men's clothing stores, was branded shameful and outrageous by hundreds of Twitter users because of the label's washing instructions to 'Give it your woman'. - Emma Barnett, The Telegraph (07/03/2012)

NB. As always I will endeavour to bring you the links (marked in bold capitals) to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


GMR said...

Okay, I could TOTALLY use that Twitter dog feeder! ^_^ OMG! The squirrel! Too funny...

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

too funny! all of them!
thanks for the good laugh.

hope you have a great week ahead!

Suko said...

These are hilarious, especially the Tree-Rex and the label in those humorous 'sexist' trousers! Too funny!!

Karen said...

All those pictures are hilarious.
That's amazing about the "Tree-Rex"!

Kelly said...

I'm not a big fan of squirrels, but I have to admit that photo is priceless!!

Jinky said...

Our ancestors would have never thought we'd be able to Twitter feed our pets! --Yikes, that trouser label is funny but understandbly insulting too. --btw, you got the dates post dated. ;)

NRIGirl said...

Interesting as always!

naida said...

Oh too funny! And how cute the little squirrel.

Claudine G. said...

That squirrel picture is hilarious! And the doggy treat idea is very clever. (On the downside, I can't believe Topshop misspelled the Bard's name!)

anilkurup said...

The Wash care instruction may boomerang on the garment sellers. Not every lass would feel okay with an alleged male chauvinistic statement. I loved the Saturday night fever squirrel and the gadget that feeds the dog.

John McElveen said...


Ummmmm- I liked it!



Melissa (Books and Things) said...

The give it to your woman didn't bother me. It was the line directly below it that would have ticked me off. :) The other just denotes a lack of skill. LOL

Love that squirrel pic! LOL

themethatisme said...

The Shakespeare story is a bit overwrought, there are many literary references to him citing numerous spellings.


Jenners said...

Oh there were so many good ones in this post!! Romeo now wants a Twitter feeder!