1 Feb 2012


I love some of the weird and wonderful questions featured in the Guardian newspaper's Notes And Queries page.

Take for example this question .........

Is Neil Sedaka's 'Oh Carol/ I am but a fool/ Darling I love you/ Though you treat me cruel' the worst-ever rhyme in a popular song?

And the answer?

NO! These lyrics are worse .......

Gonna write a classic
Gonna write it in an attic
Babe, I'm an addict
- Classic, Adrian Gurvitz.

Well he looked down at my silver chain
He said I'll give you one dollar
I said you've got to be joking man
It was a present from me mother.
- Dreadlock Holiday, 10cc.

I don't want to see a ghost
It's the sight that I fear most
I'd rather have a piece of toast
And watch the evening news.
- Life, Des'ree.

What do get when you kiss a guy
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia
After you do he'll never phone ya
I'll never fall in love again.
- I'll never fall in love again, Bobbie Gentry.

And the lyrics I'd contribute?

Why of course my theme tune, Tracy by The Cuff Links .......

Tracy, when I'm with you
Somethin' you do
Bounces me off the ceiling
Tracy, day after day
When you're this way
I get a lovin' feelin'

So, what's your favourite lyric from the choices above? OR maybe you have a song lyric of your own that you'd like to share.


GMR said...

Hard pressed to pick "the best" out of THOSE lyrics... *-*...makes you wonder sometimes what exactly the artist was thinking. *shakes head* LOL. Thanks for the smile! ^_^

naida said...

haha, some of those are so cheesey, I can't help but like them.

MadPriest said...


Hal David's rhyming of pneumonia and phone ya is pure genius. One of the great moments in the history of popular music.

But how about?:

"Can't complain, mustn't grumble,
Help yourself to another piece of apple crumble"

from ABC's "That Was Then But This Is Now"

"Gonna write a classic
Gonna write it in an attic"

is the worst rhyme ever because it is from the worst song ever.

Kelly said...

I'd have to think on it awhile to come up with my own contribution, but from those above... the ghost/toast quote is pretty bad.

Mamakucingbooks said...

cant think of any to contribute yet.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

chuckling at some of these.
now i'm off to watch the evening news, hehe.


John McElveen said...

LOVE THESE Tracy!!!!


Jenners said...

I'm drawing a blank for my own contribution but I"m sure I could find millions if I took my time!

Dizzy C said...

For me Oh, Carol! is the worst, for obvious reasons.
Do folks think I have not heard it before when they burst into song?



Melanie said...

You're right, I do like this post! Seeing just the lyrics really brings out the oddity of them. Sometimes, when you're just listening to it, they don't pop out nearly as much.

I think my favorite one is the ghost to toast. Obviously, when you're thinking about being scared to death, the alternative would be to eat.

Dizzy C said...


You have been tagged on my blog! I do hope you would like to join in the fun.

carol x