11 Jan 2012


I've only just realised that I didn't share with you the three pre-Christmas mishaps that had my family and  (regular) friends laughing ..... OK, so to be fair some did express concern but mostly they laughed.

The first occurring thus ..........

(Picture the scene if you will) It was a blustery day, not gale force by any means but enough to see autumnal leaves being swept from the trees and rubbish bins blown down the street, when our heroine (that's moi) returned from her reading group on her trusty steed, Madge (that's my electric wheelchair).

Approaching the drawbridge driveway, our heroine unlocks the stable garage door and enters only for a gust of wind to catch the said door slamming it shut. (Cue music that indicates peril.)

Oh dear, what to do? For though the door does open from the inside, alas our heroine is both too short and not strong enough to open it ...... and besides which if she were able this would be the end of a very short story.

And so she waits and waits until ........

(Picture light bulb appearing over our heroines head) she has an idea.

Why of course she will phone around and see if Husband dearest/any one of their friends may be in the area and thus able to rescue her.

But as she was to find out that day, there was no signal available in the garage - drat.

Oh dear, what to do now?

Yeah, there was nothing else for it, our heroine began to frantically bang on the garage (whoops! stable) door, shouting (as you do in such circumstances) "Hello, is anyone there?"

The answer being .... it would seem not.

Until (cue music indicating a rescue in progress) thank goodness, a mere 40 minutes later, an elderly knight in shining armour a Santa hat hears our maidens calls of distress and is able to free her, freezing cold but otherwise none the worse for her ordeal. Aahhh, my hero.

And so on to a brief mention of my other two mishaps - the first of which involved me falling UP the stairs (yes, that's right, I fell up the stairs) breaking a lamp and one of my toes in the process - my toe I wasn't too bothered about (after all I had broken it before and besides which I have nine others), the breaking of the lamp however did upset me.

And the second event?

Welllll, that involved both another blustery day and a door - a car door instead of a garage door this time, I hasten to add.

On returning from having my hair cut, I got out of the taxi only for a gust of wind to catch the said door slamming it shut (this is beginning to sound awfully familiar isn't it?)

The result being a trip to hospital where it was discovered that the door had chipped a bone in my wrist - ouch, not good news as though I wasn't put in plaster, my wrist was strapped up and I was ordered not to do anything that might put any undue pressure on it, no, not good and especially not when you need to use elbow crutches to get around.

Now I know that you are probably thinking this is no laughing matter, that family/friends laughing was rather cruel but believe me when you are as accident prone as I am you learn to see the funny side of these things, to accept that these things could only happen to you.

Not all bad though, the year did end well when .........

I received this award from The Golden Eagle


Won these thanks to I Am Jenai.


animewookie said...

OK that PSA is just hilarious!!
I understand what you mean about keeping a sense of humor... definitely can't survive without it!
Congrats on your goodies ;)

R. Ramesh said...

yes Congrats on your goodies ;) and thanks friend..keep the cheers

GMR said...

OMG...sounds like one of my days! (^_^...that's a smile of recognition of ones self...not a laugh...) Best be careful around doors and stairs, they seem to have it out for you! AS for the goodies...enjoy!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

oh my gosh, to say the least, i'm a big accident prone... sounds like one of my days!

Yay! congrats on your goodies!
missed you!


Nezzy said...

Woohoo, congratulations on your well deserved award and the goodies you won. For bein' as accident prone as I...you sure are one lucky duck!

Ya had me rollin' girl. Heeehehhee!

God bless ya and have a stupendous accident free day sweetie!!! :o)

Jenners said...

Seems to me that gusty days are not your friend! Perhaps you stay inside when it is particularly windy!

Trac~ said...

Oh my gracious, Tracy! You sound like my sister! You poor thing! I surely hope you are up and around and doing much better now. Thanks for stopping by to say hello today! Big hugs my friend! :)

carol said...

Sounds like you should stay home on windy days!

Enjoy the books.

Kelly said...

Oh my, oh my, and oh my!! Granted, I probably would have laughed at the trip UP the stairs, but would still have made sure you weren't seriously hurt first. (something about tripping always makes me laugh, especially my own)

You'd told me there was an incident with your wrist, but had no idea how you did it. I agree with Jenners...perhaps you should stay INside on blustery days for awhile!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I loved the way you told it. You need to stay snug and indoors on a windy day.

Oh and I always fall up the stairs. I don't know why!

Dorte H said...

I am glad you were also able to laugh. I´d probably have done so too, usually I am good at seeing the absurd sides to things.

And I must remember the first situation; crime writers always need scenarios where that dratted mobile cannot rescue the damsel in distress :)

Alexia561 said...

As someone else who has fallen UP the stairs more than once, you have my sympathy! And I agree with the others that you should probably stay inside on blustery days, as the wind seems to have a wicked sense of humor and likes slamming doors on you! :o

naida said...

Oh no, hope you're healing. I have tripped up the stairs too, often...lol. It sounds like you are a little bit accident prone :P

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh I fall up the stairs all the time. :D Do enjoy your winnings, and congrats on your award. :)

Jinky said...

Yikes! Ouch!! --I love your screen-type (drama) writing ..makes me smile ..of course not 'cause of the incidents! --Congrats on your award and books.