2 Oct 2011


Well, it's now October and the end of the month sees an evening of ghostly goings on in the form of Halloween.

Apologies then that I'm going to deviate from my usual custom of reviewing books in the order in which I read them and instead will be reviewing 4 scary seasonal books over the next few Tuesdays - all of them children's books of course, I have far too vivid an imagination/am to big a coward (take your pick) to read anything scary written with adults in mind.

Anyway, over the next few weeks as well as my usual reviews I'll be looking at the following books .......

4th October .. Broomsticks And Beasticles by Barbara.
11th October . Whispers In The Graveyard by Theresa Breslin.
18th October . Mirror Mirror by Edgar J Hyde.
25th October . A Good Day For Haunting by Louise Arnold.

Oh and for more Halloween fun why not visit Trick OR Treat For Books at Melissa's Books And Things site.

"It's a month long event where there will be lots of fun Halloween posts, mini giveaways and a great INTERNATIONAL grand prize winner!!
Every Monday one of us will have a post with a mini giveaway. Visit each post and fill out the form! The more you trick or treat, the more chances you have to win! Squee! Uh, I mean Boo!
The schedule?
Mon. Oct, 3: The Unread Reader~ Vampires! Mini Giveaway

Mon. Oct. 10: The Geeky Blogger~ Witches! Mini Giveaway
Mon. Oct. 17: Books and Things~ Ghosties! Mini Giveaway
Mon. Oct. 24: The Bookish Brunette~ Zombies! Mini Giveaway.
Oct. 31st. Grand Prize Winner Announced!!"

For more information visit Melissa by clicking HERE or simply click on the  Trick OR Treat For Books icon at the top of my blog.

And talking of books ..........

The Guardian and its sister newspaper The Observer have a wonderful scheme running at the moment, part of its six weeks Book Season they are encouraging book lovers from around the world to join in its ReadItSwapIt scheme.

Its easy to do and such fun. All you need to do is pick a book(s) you have read, download a sticky label (available HERE), stick it into the book along with a message if you so wish, and leave it in a place where someone will find it - the downloadable label has a segment which tells the new owner that the book is theirs to keep.

So come on, what are you waiting for, I'm joining in the fun.


Lilly said...

I like the sound of the ReadItSwapIt scheme! The local library where I lived in Norway had a shelf where you could bring one of your old book and swap it for one of the ones on the shelf. I didn't use it because I mostly read books in English and the library needed those themselves, so I just donated my read books to them. But I might do the ReadItSwapIt thing while I'm in Australia so I don't have to carry around a truckload of books! Thanks for letting me know about it!!

Kelly said...

ReadItSwapIt does sound like a great idea!

I'm looking forward to your spooky reviews. :)

Vivienne said...

I look forward to you Halloween books! I love this time of year. I am having a witch week at the end of the month just to be selfish.

naida said...

I'm looking forward to your halloween reviews petty. I love this time of year too.