26 Oct 2011


It was reading 'A' Simple Blogger's  WINDOWS ALERT POST that reminded me of the two 'computer' scams doing the rounds here in England (and, more likely than not, elsewhere).

The first involved a telephone call in which I was informed a virus was, as we spoke, attacking Pooter (for those of you not in the know this is my name for our computer). Hmm, really? None too concerned, I knew we had good protection, this woman then went onto explain that, even worse than a virus (no, surely not!!!!!), someone, somewhere, was, at that precise moment, hacking into our online banking account with the intent of not only stealing our identities but emptying the said account. Now I was getting a tad concerned. But not to worry, help was at hand, all I had to do was take out extra protection and, surprise, surprise, this woman could do this for me now, all I had to do was hand over all our banking details. Now, to use one of my late nana's expressions, 'I'm not as green as I am cabbage looking' and, of course, I didn't give out any details (why was I even momentarily worried? For a start we don't do any banking online) but to be honest this woman was so plausible that I could quite understand how someone might be tempted to.


The second scam happened some weeks later when I was informed via email that a long-lost relative of Husband dearest's had died kindly leaving us quarter of a million pounds in their will BUT in order to get this we had to send the firm of solicitors involved a few thousand pound in order for them to make an international monetary transfer and to 'finalise the deceased last wishes' - all very emotive stuff even if no such relative existed.

But, alas this wasn't the last we heard of it. Now, contacting us via our home telephone, this 'solicitor' did his very best to convince us that this was indeed a genuine relative who, if we were unable to be contacted, had left instructions that this money was to go to a local donkey sanctuary - good, I love donkeys.

Once again, all very plausible, it was amazing (not to mention frightening) how much information this individual had dug up about Hd.

What then the coincidence of having watched a report the night before reading A's post in which one of these 'Scammers' (I'm being polite here) tried to justify their actions.

Was it his fault that people were so greedy that they were taken in by 'these things'?

No matter that they were more likely vulnerable than greedy.

Wasn't it wrong that people presumed such awful things about him? After all he wasn't a rich man but a poor one who had a family, including a disabled child, to provide for.

OK, so it could be argued that we should never presume BUT wasn't he just as guilty for presuming that the individual he was targeting was greedy as opposed to vulnerable? That the person he was harassing was rich and without dependents, perhaps one of them a disabled child.

It makes you think, doesn't it?


A said...

Oh my god. Scams have taken a new form.

Thanks for this post Tracy. We are better informed and know possible way to handle these people.

And HAPPY DIWALI to you too. You are too kind.

Kelly said...

Scammers are one of the lowest forms of humanity - whether it be online or in real life.

I don't see how folks fall for many of these, but I guess it takes all kinds.

Dizzy C said...

It is so hard to work out who is genuine these days.

I get fed up with service providers who call me and then ask for security passwords. I refuse but they say they have to know I am the bill payer. I tell them to write to me then.

Apparently the 'we tried to deliver a parcel' postcard scam is about again.

On the lookout for xmas reading challenges for you


Trac~ said...

Scams are just nuts and the fact that people (especially the elders) fall for them more times than not is so sad. I'm so happy you were "on to them" from the beginning of their calls! Have a great day my friend! :)

naida said...

You know, these scammers are just awful. They really stoop so low.

Coincidentally, and I will probably blog about this at some point in the upcoming week....yesterday I received an email from an individual claiming to be a certain author who I had recently guest post at my blog. This scammer pretended to be this author, using a very similar email address as the author had, and emailed me asking me to borrow money. Claiming to be this author!
So I forwarded the email to the real author and alerted her of the scammer so she could take action and alert her contact list.
These people are really something else.

From the email subject, I really thought it was the actual author emailing me at first.
But then I knew she would not ask me for money.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

My cousin with a brain injury has been hit by scammers. Well, okay, they weren't EXACTLY scammers, but they did take advantage of him. It takes all your patience trying to sort it out. *grrrrr*

Oh and I get those e-mail ones all the time. My favorite was wanting me to get more education and they couldn't spell. I am horrible at spelling but still do better than the e-mail I received! LOL

Suko said...

Wow! This is an important post, and the comments are as well. Thanks for warning us!!

anilkurup said...

Isn't it pleasurable for some to find pleasure in the misery of the other?

Internet and tech aids it more than in the past

Monalisa said...

I've heard of a lot of scams happening online and my husband is a lot very careful when he deals with internet transactions, since he's involved in a lot of them.

Hey, funny they were going to dedicate the quarter million to donkey care. I would say "Happy. You keep it." :-P

Monalisa said...

Hey, Thank you very Diwali wishes

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

oh my gosh! those scammers are just horrible!

thanks for warning us, tracy, and this very informative post.