30 Oct 2011



Bestselling author Diana Cooper offers her wisdom on how, together, humans and angels have the power to change the world.

We are only now up to the presence of angels and their ability to guide us. Diana Cooper introduces us to the importance of them in our lives by drawing on countless stories of people who have had their own lives changed by the miraculous assistance of angels. These incredible accounts prove what a difference the divine messengers can make and are an inspiration to us all.

Everyone has their own guardian angel, there to help and protect whenever possible. Few of us yet understand, however, the healing and support these angels can bring and how to invoke their help. Diana Cooper introduces us to the whole hierarchy of angels and the special powers that we can call upon.

With exercises and lessons to encourage your angelic presences, Angel Inspiration not only brings you closer to your angel but helps change other people's lives too.
...... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Introduction): At the age of forty-two, I was getting divorced and was at the bottom of a deep black emotional pit.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 108): Angels Of Love are those who help you to find lost objects. Just ask quietly for their help and they will return your possessions.


Oh dear, a difficult one for me to review.

I was given this by an acquaintance who, knowing I gave my plants names, believed me to be very spiritual. Hmm, very spiritual? I am in that I enjoy learning about other people's faith and beliefs but, am myself, fairly sceptical about most matters spiritual and confess to finding some beliefs downright bizarre -and, sad to say, my feelings about those who believe in angels(grief I hope I'm not offending anyone)falls pretty much in this category.

So, as I said, this isn't the easiest of reads for me to give my honest opinion on - safest perhaps for me to stick to commenting on HOW the book was written as opposed to WHAT was written.

On thinking about Angel Inspiration I think repetitive is the first word that comes to mind, followed closely, if I'm being honest, by self-serving - the author rather annoyingly keeps repeating certain statements over and over again, only pausing to supply more 'evidence', evidence that, by and large, is supplied by those who have taken part in her 'Angel Workshop ....... 'good' advertising for the said event, don't you think, or is that me being too cynical?

Not all criticisms though, even though I found much of the book, a work book to all intents and purposes, err, strange and totally impractical (how many of us would actually ask our angel for advice before calling the plumber/mechanic as is suggested by the author?), I did like the way that it was set out, how each paragraph ended with a 'practical' exercise the author called service work (shame it was way too bizarre for me to take seriously, still, each to their own) and how the book ended with a section entitled 'Angel Exercises and Meditations'.

Not a book for me. I confess I did find certain ideas quite, frightening(?) No, that's not the word I was looking for. I did find certain things ....... worrying/troublesome and, at times, did have my concerns that this was written with the vulnerable in mind, that the reader was being instructed on how to get in touch with their angel ..... and if that angel did not respond? Well, though the author never actually said so directly, to my mind it was strongly implied, that this was down to the individuals lack of faith.

Number 82 in my 100+ Reading Challenge.


Monalisa said...

I've seen some of such books. Read them with awe in fact. At one part of my life that was. Now such themes for stories won't inspire me either. Worse if the story goes boring. But you haven't said much about how the story goes about. Pretty much you disliked the book.

Trac~ said...

Hey girl - shoot me an email (from your email address) so I can send you the code for your FREE 25 Christmas/Holiday cards that you won in my giveaway! Hugs, Trac~ :)

Alexia561 said...

Appreciated your honest review! Difficult reviews are tough to write, especially when it's something you don't particularly believe in.

I haven't made up my mind about angels yet, but don't think that they would give you advice about a plumber or act as a Lost & Found. Seems a little bizarre to me, but like you said, to each their own.

Kelly said...

I'm not offended at all that you don't believe in angels and I hope you won't be offended if I say I do. I don't find myself conversing with them and asking their opinions, though!

Mamakucingbooks said...

too bad about this book. Well, there are bound to be some hit and some miss