13 Jul 2011



Ex-library stock, this was the 55th book read for my 100+ Reading Challenge.

In April 2006, Mary Turner Thomson received a call that was to blow her life apart. The woman on the other end of the line calmly told her that she and Will Jordan, Mary's husband and the father of her two younger children, had been married for fourteen years and had five children together.

The Other Mrs Jordan is the shocking true story of how one man manipulated an intelligent, independent woman, conning her out of £200,000 and leaving her to bring up the children he originally claimed he was physically incapable of fathering.

It's a story that we all think could never happen to us, but before dismissing her as easily duped and desperate, read how this shameless conman has been doing the same thing to various other women for the last 26 years and how he concocted the most intricate cover stories, claiming to be a CIA agent to explain his frequent mysterious absences. In what is a cautionary tale about the perils of online dating, this book exposes a life-shattering con by an expert charmer. It is also the story of Mary's fight to reclaim her life.
.... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Prologue): It was a Wednesday morning - a damp, grey April day - and my three young children were starting to play up.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 105): I had a doubt lodged in my mind that grew and struggled to be heard from then on - a seedling of reality trying to survive in the shade of thick, thorny, light-sucking bramble bushes.

KEEP IT OR NOT?: Several people have already requested to read this.

I confess, though not a big fan of autobiographies per say, the very idea of bigamy fascinate me. I mean as Husband dearest says one wife is tiring enough but two or three! And I say wives because generally speaking bigamy is the reserve of men.

I started reading this book scratching my head, wondering just how gullible and naive an individual could be but by the end had completely changed my mind.

An alarming  and cautionary true story of how, with the aid of modern technology, a man was able to take advantage of a woman to the degree that her life was literally turned upside down.

Jordan comes across as a charismatic man with great knowledge of people, seemingly loving and attentive but ultimately without any compassion or empathy he is a true sociopath, a 'fictional character' made up to control the people in his life for it was not only women who were taken in by his stories of heroic deeds.

As for Mary herself, I expected her to be a woman of low intelligence, a woman with low self esteem but instead found her to be fairly intelligent, confident and, above all, trusting, the kind of woman who wishes to see the best in people - the perfect prey for a man such as Jordan?

But you know what I found almost as shocking? The part banks and credit card companies played in this ..... already 'maxed out' and unable to meet payments Mary applied for and obtained several more loans. Perhaps not a crime in itself but surely these companies had some kind of moral obligation towards their customers.

A real page turner, it truly amazed me the lengths Jordan would go to to make his story believable, I found The Other Mrs Jordan a frightening yet fascinating read and would urge anyone currently involved or considering online dating OR meeting someone they have 'met' on one of the many social networking sites to read it even if only for the good advice Mary gives in her epilogue.


Misha said...

Sounds like a gripping read. I do not read autobiographies, but this sounds very interesting, and shocking too.

Vivienne said...

How scary is this book? Imagine not knowing your husband was capable of this. Mindblowing! I must read it.

Patti said...

I haven't read a lot of memoirs but this one sounds interesting.

StarTraci said...

Wow! I do want to read this. You're right that we all like to believe that no such thing could happen to us and therefore, something must be terribly wrong with this woman. To face the truth of an intelligent, capable woman being conned reminds us that all of us are susceptible.

Happy Wednesday, friend!

R. Ramesh said...

sounds interesting of course..and how are you dear friend Tracy?

Monalisa said...

Right, very interesting. Even your review keeps my eyes wide open, I kept scrolling.

Kelly said...

Not usually my genre, either, but boy do you make this sound compelling! I think it will have to go on my wish list!

Chatty Crone said...

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dr.antony said...

I had some problems to get access to your site. After so long !

Dorte H said...

True stories are not really my taste either, but I admit that this one sounds intriguing.

And a CIA agent? That´s exactly what he would have said if he were one of my characters ;D

Veens said...

I am also not a fan of autobiographies, but this sounds like something that should be read. Very neat review :)

joan said...

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animewookie said...

Oh, what a horrid man! Not usually my variety of book, but you really have me wanting this one. Great review :D

Suko said...

I don't understand polygamy; it seems to stem from a (ridiculous) belief that women are mere property like farm animals, needing care. But this book does sound fascinating--terrific review!

On a different note, thank you very much for posting my giveaway on your blog.

Trac~ said...

Wow - definitely a book I want to read - I've never heard of it before but will certainly be looking for it now. :)

Hope you've had a great day!

BookQuoter said...

I think I saw the documentary on this last year. Was he the one who actually had fake military medals, or was that another one of them?
I too would want to read this someday. Thanks!

GMR said...

Wow I can honestly say I probably wouldn't have even glanced at this one if not for your review. I am of the same mind you started with....wondering how on earth one could 'fall' for this. May be worth looking into. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Wow. Sounds like this was a well done autobiography. Thanks for sharing this one.

avisannschild said...

This sounds like a fascinating read! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

i most certainly will add that to my must-read list.

i really enjoyed your review, Tracy, glad you liked the book.:)

betty xx