25 Jul 2011



SUNK ALL BECAUSE OF £2In order to avoid the £2 fee at a nearby car park, a driver chose to leave his sports car on a public slipway.
But this plan badly backfired when the tide came in and started carrying his motor out to sea, as a watching policeman was powerless to help.- The Daily Mail (18/07/2011)

See, FaceBook isn't all bad .....

FACEBOOK PRANKSTER LEAVES GNOMES. Naughty gnomes in need of some manners are being mysteriously left on doorsteps in parts of Derbyshire in the hope they are given some lessons in "social etiquette".

The surprise deliveries have left people in Borrowash and Draycott baffled, with the only clue to who is behind the pranks coming in the form of another garden ornament called Freddie Fisher.
Freddie has set up a page on social networking site Facebook, leaving clues to his true identity and letting people know when he has made deliveries in the dead of night. - Derby Telegraph (18/07/2011)

Another mystery ...... Why would anyone want to steal all these door knockers? I can't help but think this may be a good plot for one of Dorte's wonderful stories. (Click HERE to follow her last one).

THIEF JAILED AFTER STEALING 100 DOOR KNOCKERS. A thief who stole more than 100 door knockers has finally been locked up.
Neville Watson was given a chance to keep his freedom earlier this year after the bizarre stealing spree.
But just hours after getting a community order he was back to his thieving ways - this time on his own street. - The Chronicle (19/07/2011)

Reminds me of my in-law's dog Ellie who also started life as a police dog but failed her training when the vet found her to be 'totally lacking any intelligence'.
VEGAS RETIRES. A police dog that is scared of children and too timid to bite has been retired from Northumbria Police's dog training section.
Northumbria Police stopped trying to train Vegas when it became clear she was too "hesitant and tentative".
Police dogs are expected to track criminals and missing people, ignore loud noise and bark or bite on command.
Vegas is frightened of noise and does not get on well with other dogs, the force said. - BBC News (20/07/2011)

Queen Elizabeth - The Doll

Queen Elizabeth - As she was aged 2.

A 1920s doll modelled on the Queen as a child, but never mass-produced, is to be so sold at a Birmingham fair. It is said the Royal family did not endorse the doll because it was "too chubby". The Telegraph (21/07/2011)

And now for the  ..........

Scary picture of the week.

LO KNGJIANG COMPETES IN BEE BEARDING CONTEST. - The Guardian (18/07/2011.)Click on article link for more photos.

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Vivienne said...

Those bees look down right scary.

I shall keep an eye out for strange deliveries of gnomes.

Misha said...

The Queen Elizabeth doll is a bit creepy...
On the other hand, the picture of the Queen as a kid is soooo adorable!

And OMG at the last picture! :O

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

That is a scary picture... I think I would freak!

animewookie said...

Gnomes!!! What fun :D
That doll looks more like Barbara Bush than the lovely child queen. No wonder they didn't endorse it...lol

NRIGirl said...

I hope Vegas will receive some pension upon retirement...

A said...

That picture is scary. I feel bad for that car. :)

Dizzy C said...

The Queen Mother doll doesnt even look like a child's face.

Maybe the knocker nicker wanted to be a knicker nicker but never got to the back gardens!

That bee photo is very scary....scary pics only get a quick glance.

have a great week

naida said...

Fun post! OMG about the bees! lol

chitra said...

The car owner, penny wise, pound foolish...
The last pic. scary.

Kelly said...

Wow! That's an amazing bee picture!!

Wonder what compelled that guy to steal door knockers of all things?

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I had a friend who stole a lawn ornament and then brought it back after several months. He came back with a fake story and a smoking habit. ;) The people kept it on the lawn in the state it was brought back. They seemed to have enjoyed it. :D

Mamakucingbooks said...

some o the story is sure down right funny


Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

goodness gracious, that photo is too scary, but unique.
thanks for sharing.

funny and strange stories, indeed.

big hugs
betty xx

Short Poems said...

That's an amazing bee picture, soooooooooooooo scary. Really strange stories!