5 Jul 2011



A seemingly quiet suburban neighborhood is upended when a provocative single mother saunters onto the school playground for the first time. Her Doc Marten boots, tight T-shirts, and in-your-face attitude stir up buried fears and sexual anxiety.

In the dark corners of her home, a woman battles crippling memories that threaten to destroy the family she wants so desperately to protect. A suspicious death forces her best friend to make a hard choice between marriage and friendship.

Paranoia, jealousy, and maternal instinct collide, leading to the demise of the soccer moms.
.... Outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE (Prologue): The doorbell woke Amy from a feverish sleep.

MEMORABLE MOMENT (Page 312): All the feelings of being trapped in her home rushed back, as if the fog had reversed course and blown back into the yard. So much for a peaceful morning, they weren't going to leave her alone.

KEEP IT OR NOT?: Definitely one for the shelves.

A great debut novel, a tale of suburban women who lead an idyllic life .... or so it would seem .... until petty jealousy and age-old  insecurities raise their ugly heads creating an atmosphere of tension and suspicion.

If I'm totally honest though it wasn't the story itself that had me hooked as although there were one or two 'gasp out loud' moments a lot of the plot was predictable.

No, it was Cathryn Grant's wonderful characters that compelled me to read until it was well past my bed-time. I say characters as they all brought something to the story but it was really Amy's story that had me completely grasped - her descent into madness was brilliantly written, talk about scary, this was one woman I wouldn't want to befriend.

Then of course there's Amy's nemesis, 'new-woman on the block', Charlotte who I found almost as scary but in a totally different way. Driven and way too sexy for these suburban moms, she poses a threat to the lives of these seemingly perfect women.

A fascinating read that on more than one occasion had me chilled to the bone, I did not think I would enjoy this book as much as I did.

A competition win, many thanks to Dorte @ DJ's Krimblog (click HERE for her review) for hosting the giveaway and to author Cathryn Grant for sending this signed copy, The Demise Of The Soccer Moms was the 53rd book read in my 100+ Reading Challenge.


Misha said...

Honestly, I would never have picked up the book because of the cover . But your review makes me want to read the book. I am glad to hear about the characters and the bone chilling moments - I will add it to my TBR.

Vivienne said...

The cover is very off putting and wouldn't have attracted me at all to this book. However your review has me intrigued.

Dorte H said...

How great that the soccer moms found a perfect home on your shelf! I agree absolutely; Cathryn is brilliant at creating characters and atmosphere.

And even though I think the cover is cool, I know that it may scare some readers off - when I bought and read the book (because Cathryn is a great blog friend), I feared it might be too noir for me so I was glad to realize it was more of the noir-atmosphere kind than lots of graphic violence.

NB: I am a little bit envious that you have a signed book - my Kindle version can´t really beat that :)

Mary said...

I have to agree with Viv but the fact that there are wonderful characters that had you reading "well past my bed-time" is a definite plus.

Heather said...

I really enjoy debut novels. You just don't know what you're getting. Looks like you have found a winner.

kavita said...

Great review.I like the book cover ,it's interesting.
And congrats on the signed copy .

Patti said...

You know I love anything with a soccer ball.

Monalisa said...

Simply heard of Cathrein Grant. Never read any of her works. But i remember my friends talking about her works with great adoration. "The Demise of Soccer Moms" sounds great in work like you describe it and what I heard of the author, but like you said, the storyline don't impress me much. But many times, its the way you do the work that makes it good, if not for the story. Thank you for the review

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

i'm glad to hear you liked the book.
your wonderful review makes me want to get it and read it.
as for the cover: i don't think i would ever have picked up the book because of its cover. hmmm...I don't like it at all!

big hugs!
betty xx

Kelly said...

I've had this sitting in my Kindle for quite some time and now I'm anxious to read it!! I've enjoyed Cathryn Grant's flash fiction and also have her new series waiting in my Kindle.

Thanks for a great review!

Short Poems said...

Interesting review, it makes me want to read the book :)
And congrats on the signed copy!
marinela x

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

That isn't a book I would pick up, but it does sound interesting with your review. I'm not much for drama people create, but in a good story... might be different. Thanks for the review.

Alyce said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it more than you thought you would. That cover doesn't leave any doubt about it being a bloody story. :)

Su said...

You make it sound so good! I don't know, though; I find real-life soccer mums to be scary enough. ;)

naida said...

Those sound like some interesting characters, nice review.

iamjen said...

yes i agree. just had that feeling with my last read - Rook. i would not have finished reading the whole book if not for the characters.