6 Jun 2011


Not at all funny that these fish are being harmed by man, I just could not help laughing when an image of a fish wearing a hearing aid popped into my mind.

'FINDING NEMO' FISH BECOMING DEAFClownfish, the spectacular tropical species featured in the movie Finding Nemo, appear to lose their hearing in water slightly more acidic than normal.
 - Richard Black, BBC NEWS (01/06/2011)

I've only been camping once and swore never again. Would I change my mind if I had such a cool tent in which to sleep in? No, but still this is sooo cool.

A TENT THAT THINKS IT'S A CAMPER VAN! A real Volkswagen Camper Van can still sell for up to £25,000, putting them well out of reach of your average festival-goer, but the tent - which is available in blue, red or yellow - sells for a more modest £299.99. - The Mail (June 2011)


MATHS STUDENTS SET A QUESTION THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ANSWER IN AN AS LEVEL EXAM. A spokeswoman said: "We very much regret that there was a mistake... and that our quality assurance procedures failed to identify this error.
The exam body says it is not going to discount the question from the marking, because that might disadvantage candidates who spent a lot of time trying to answer it but some students writing on social networking sites have been calling for the test to be re-run. - Angela Harrison, BBC News (02/06/2011)

At the beach with no means to re-charge your ipod? You need the .....

.... SOLARED-POWERED IKINI a £120 swimsuit made of solar panels that can charge everything from an MP3 to a camera.
The user can even take a dip, they just need to be dry before hooking up.- Daily Mail (03/06/2011)

The bare-faced cheek of it!
10 NAKED MEN RUN THROUGH AUDIENCE.In its 328-year history, the respectable Sadler's Wells Theatre has probably never seen anything like this - there were riotous scenes as ten naked men ran through the audience and sat on people's heads. And they were joined by ten naked women who rolled around in the aisles and sat on top of a birthday cake. - The Mail (03/06/2011)

And its not just happening in the theatre .......

.... STOP STRIPPING IN THE LIBRARY. Oxford University students have been threatened with disciplinary action for repeatedly stripping in a library.
Dozens of undergraduates from Worcester College take part in 'half-naked half-hour' every Wednesday.- The Times Of India/UK (04/06/2011)

And when I click my fingers you will ........

Three members of an audience were left in a trance after a hypnotist knocked himself out during a show.
David Days was playing a theatre in Dorset, when he tripped over. He could not be woken and the audience was asked to leave. Organisers considered asking the sound man, who was trained to break the trance, but thankfully Mr Days came round to lift the spell.- Alastair Jamieson, The Telegraph (05/06/2011)

PLEASE NOTE: Wherever possible I will endeavour to bring you the links to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Arti said...

Another hilarious post Tracy :-D
The maths exam one took the cake!!
Have a nice day:)

Misha said...

Hilarious post! Loved every bit of it :D

kavita said...

Lolz .I love your Monday Masala :)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

hilarious post...haha, look at that naked man!

have a great week!

big hugs,

betty xx

Tomz said...

Weird stories. Where r you picking them up?

animewookie said...

OMG!!! The hypnotist...sooo funny :D

chitra said...

Hi PW, Visiting after a long time, I was travelling. business+ pleasure.
Loved the snippets.

chitra said...

My son also enjoyed your post. he is home on vacation.

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Kelly said...

Yeow! I'm trying NOT to imagine some strange, naked man sitting on my head!!

Love the VW bus campers!!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

OMG! This is the second time this week I've seen such cool VW campers (well, real ones.. not tents~ which happens to be too cool!). Great posts.

A said...

Oh man. So funnyyyyyyy. Most of them.

Now Tracy, can you take my message to Math Examination Board about marking that question "DEDUCT the marks of the students who spent time trying to answer an unanswerable questions AND GIVE additional marks who did not spend too much time". Math is for intelligent and smart people who DO NOT WASTE TIME :))))

Jenners said...

The camper van tent is brilliant!!!

Monalisa said...

Interesting post :)

What a news!

Regarding the wrong question in the maths paper, i remember during my metriculation exams my teachers used to remind us students at least to attempt every question even if you don't know the answer, just so that in case the question is wrong they might grand you full marks for just attempting. but non-attempters would not be awarded any marks at all. Sometimes when they see the student has attempted some question and got an answer wrong completely, the examiner might feel bad not to award him at least .25 marks! so they say!

Nice post

naida said...

lol! funny post :P
especially the 'half-naked half-hour' at the library.

purplume said...

ho ho , oh my goodness.