23 May 2011


'Bee'yond belief.

BEES ATTACK WOMEN'S FUEL CAP. Melissa Dell returned to her car to find thousands of bees attacking her fuel cap.
 She was forced to call a bee-keeper after the insects spent two hours swarming around their queen and did not look like they were going to move on. Mail Online (16/05/2011)

Last week we had the incident of the boy wearing a girl's school to school in protest that he wasn't allowed to wear shorts, this week it's ..........

'SKINNY FIT' TROUSERS ARE BANNED. Teachers at Downlands Community School, Hassocks, West Sussex, banned the fashion items worn by celebrities such as Russell Brand (pictured right), after pupils started wearing them in the classroom.
The school had previously warned girls about wearing tight trousers, but it had never before had to discipline the boys. - The Daily Mail (18/05/2011)

Not that its always the children.

PARENTS TOLD TO STOP WEARING PJ'S TO SCHOOL. It is normally pupils who need reminding to dress smartly to school, but head teachers have been forced to tell parents to stop wearing nightwear when collecting their children.
The schools said increasing numbers of parents were wearing pyjamas to drop off and collect pupils, and even in meetings with teachers. - Harry Wallop, The Telegraph (21/05/2011)

Now for two articles from the wonderful world that is FaceBook.

COUPLE NAME DAUGHTER AFTER FACEBOOK 'LIKE' BUTTON. The 'Like' button on Facebook, as with YouTube's 'thumbs up' feature, is there to let users signal their approval of friends' comments, status updates, photos, videos and the like.
And it turns out Lior and Vardit Adler like the 'Like' button itself so much they, like, named their little one after it. - Joanne McCabe, The Metro (17/05/2011) Read  'A' Simple Blogger's post on this by clicking HERE.

It all started out as a bit of a joke but ended in the publication of a book designed for exhausted parents.

POTTY-MOUTHED PICTURE BOOK SET TO BECOME A HIT.  Last week Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach got to number 1 on the pre-order on Amazon and the film rights have already been bought by Fox 2000.
Mansbach is a writer and father of three-year-old Vivien. It was after putting Vivien to bed last year and thinking "I'm going to be stuck in this room for ever" that he snuck on to Facebook and wrote: "Look out for my new book, Go the F**k to Sleep, out next year." It was a joke that became real. A lyrical picture book aimed at parents rather than their children is out on 16 June but beware there is swearing on every page, don't read it if you can't take a joke. - Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian (18/05/2011)

Like something out of a horror film .......

ERMINE CATERPILLAR MOTHS STRIP TREES. A Yorkshire urban park has been infested with thousands of caterpillars, stripping 15 trees of all their leaves.
The larvae have formed large communal webs covering railings and tree trunks in the small park at Frizinghall. - BBC NEWS (17/05/2011)

Now I know why I was attracted to Husband dearest.

Tall men (Hd is 6ft 3inches compared to my 5ft 3 inches) attract women because they remind them of our strong, ape-like ancestors, a study claims. Research found that men can hit harder standing upright than when kneeling and when directing punches downwards,giving early humans who walked on two legs an advantage when competing for women. - The Telegraph (19/05/2011)

They say a dog is mans best friend .......

LEGAL WRANGLE OVER A BAILEY, A MINI-DACHSHUND. Next month a senior judge will be asked to settle a highly unusual tug-of-love. At the centre of the legal wrangle is not a child but an 18-month-old sausage dog. - The Telegraph (19/05/2011)

....... Then again it could be a horse as:-

MAN TAKES HIS PONY FOR A DRINK AND TO HOSPITAL. Baffled people snapped the pony in a crowded bar and in a casualty department as the man led it by its reins.
Weatherspoons chain spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "On Friday the man did come into the pub.
"On Saturday he tried to come in again with the horse but was stopped at the door. He was told he could not come in which he accepted."
The horse was taken into the Accident and Emergency department where the man had asked for treatment for the animal from a doctor.
A health board spokesman added: "He was politely asked to leave the premises by the security guard and duly left, taking the pony with him."  - The Sun (19/05/2011)

Not the end of the story though for a few days later said man ......

ATTEMPTS TO BOARD TRAIN ....... WITH HIS PONY. A rail passenger in north Wales tried to board a train with his pony – but station staff said "neigh".The man attempted to buy a ticket for himself and the animal for the 19.02pm service from Wrexham to Holyhead.
Despite being told that large animals were not allowed in the carriages, he put the pony into a lift and took it down to the platform. -The Guardian (19/05/2011)

And now from ponies to sharks.

AQUARIUM STAFF FIND SHARK. Stunned aquarium staff have discovered that a shark they did not know they had has been living undetected in their ocean tank for years.
Staff at Blackpool Sea Life Centre were baffled when two shark eggs were discovered in a tank occupied by sharks which give birth only to live young. - The Daily Mail (19/05/2011)

Had a row today? There are six more to come.

AVERAGE COUPLE ARGUES 2,455 TIMES A YEAR - That's almost 7 times a day.
The biggest single reason for a tiff is not listening to what the other half is saying, which is responsible for around 112 cross exchanges a year. - Jane Hamilton, The Sun (20/05/2011)

PLEASE NOTE: Wherever possible I will endeavour to bring you the links to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Arti said...

Always pleased to read these little nuggets which bring cheer and smile to my face...
The best was about parents being told what to wear, oh the kids would have loved that!!!
Have a great week ahead:)

A said...

Always interesting to read your 'Monday Masala'...i.e. Monday Spice. Haha :)))

7 times a day seem correct. I fall in that category but I always listen...:)))

Thanks for posting my link there.

R. Ramesh said...

super tasty nuggets buddy

Misha said...

Those bees look scary!
Why would anyone name their daughter after a FB button??!! :0

Kelly said...

An interesting array of stories today, but wow...the first one with the bees is bizarre!! Pretty strange about the shark, too.

Suko said...

I look forward to these Monday posts, where you highlight the oddest and funniest bits of news and other items. You have a lot of material here; I will attempt to tell a joke:

Maybe someone will name their baby Blogger or Wordpress before too long?!

Dorte H said...

Good to be back to your posts about all kinds of peculiar bee-hiviour ;D

Marinela said...

Your stories are always so fascinating. Petty

Alyce said...

Lots of great stuff there! I would be horrified to find that many bees on my car. I think Russell Brand's tight pants are a little disturbing. :) And there are parents here that do the pick up/drop off in their pj's and it bothers me too (especially those who are walking many blocks in their pjs rather than driving).

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Bees! I love that one. Oh and all skinny pants should be forever banned. :) I also love the one where they found a shark they didn't know they had. LOL Fun post.

Heather said...

As I was reading the rest of the wonderful post, I couldn't stop thinking about those bees.

BookQuoter said...

I have yet to see parents bringing their kids to the doctors in their pjs. That would be the day and I will let you know if and when that happens:)
Thanks for all the interesting (a few weird ones) tidbits. Fun stuff.

NRIGirl said...

Thanks Petty! Seems like you have covered for all those weeks with shorter lists. Loved it all!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

The bee thing is just wild! I don't think I would like to have that happen to me. And naming you child after the Like button. Oh really!?! Crazy people! lol. Thanks for sharing all these.

Jenners said...

That bee photo is just crazy!! I would totally freak out. And I HATE when people give their kids odd names like that. It just makes their lives more difficult I think.

kavita said...

I loved reading these interesting reports.My favorite is the one banning parents to wear pjs to the school.I wish it is done here too :)

naida said...

intersting post! ewww about the bees and those caterpillars moths...

raji said...

interesting amazing facts!!!those bees attacking the car was horrifying!

GMR said...

Always love these posts. So much "interesting" information. The bee lady...I wonder if someone put sugar in her gas tank? (not a good idea from what I hear) The new child called "Like"....somehow doesn't surprise me nowadays but imagine the future taunting!