26 Mar 2011


Huh, how dare he?

I don't know if any of you have noticed Husband dearest's comments on my Red Nose Day post, DOING SOMETHING FUNNY , (I've only just seen it myself) in which he writes, and I quote ........

"There are moments in a chaps life when he needs to realise that his wife's objections are a little more than simple fun. So sorry to disappoint but there will be no red-hair photographs, I couldn't face it. She is really scary you know!"

Scary? SCARY? Moi?

OK, so I admit it I can be scary ....... very scary. In fact some days Hd merely opens his eyes, sees 'the look' on my face and heads on out knowing that I'm looking for an argument and won't rest until I get one.

Then there's Niece #1 and Nephew who reckon that I, along with every other teacher they have ever known, had to take lessons in 'the look', Nephew having been known to shake his head and say to his uncle (Hd) on hearing us row have a difference of opinion "She'll be right, she's always right." (Well done, long may he continue with this thought).

Anyway, I witter, I have to admit that 'the look' did cross my face on reading this article on Thursday. In fact not only deserving of 'the look' I swear I had steam coming out of my ears.

 The heart sign has entered the English Oxford Dictionary as the first graphic symbol to signify a word in the reference works 127-year history.
Users looking up the word 'heart' will find the symbol listed as an entirely new usage, as a verb meaning 'to love'. - Andy Bloxham, the Telegraph (24/03/2011)


Yes, yes, I know the English language is forever changing, forever developing, but surely this is a step too far - for goodness sake it isn't even a word, its a symbol.

I mean can you imagine this, this, this symbol appearing on exam papers OR how about word games such as Scrabble - are we going to see the game re-issued with an extra tile? How cute, it could even be heart shaped as opposed to the more traditional square shape. Aaaaggggghhhhhhh, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, other new additions include ........

  • Bang one's head against a brick wall (phrase) - To engage in a futile or fruitless effort.
  • Hedge one's bets (phrase) - To confront uncertain circumstances by pursuing multiple courses of action; to avoid committing oneself.
  • Scrunchy (adjective) - Of a wrinkled or ruffled appearance.
  • Tragic (noun) - A boring or socially inept person, especially one who pursues a solitary interest with obsessive dedication.
  • Tasty - Violent; good at fighting.
  • Lashed - Drunk.
As well as, reflecting the nations increasing eclectic diet, ........

  • Banh mi - A Vietnamese sandwich with pickles and meat.
  • Taquito - A small Mexican taco or fried roll of filled maize bread.
  • Kleftiko - A Greek dish of slow-cooked lamb.
To view more click HERE.

Rant over. What do you think? Any words (or symbols come to that) would you include?

PS Just to point out that I am not in fact a teacher but a teaching assistant.


Lilly said...

I think a symbol in a dictionary is just stupid really. Like you said, it's not a word.
What's next? Are they going to add emoticons as well?

I am also familiar with "the look". When I worked in a pub in England the guys there didn't dare mess with me because of it.

A said...


You are too fast. I planned something similar.....now I have to think...haha:))

Very good read.

Vivienne said...

Brilliant post. I don't think you are scary!

Misha said...

"The Look" sounds scary. I hope to master it myself one day :D

I agree with Lilly- a symbol in a dictionary is a stupid idea!

Dizzy C said...

When I was a teaching assistant I was known for my look across the classroom at a child.

It was even metioned in notes for a supply teacher that I would help keep the class focused with my look :)

Couldnt have been that scary as those pupils still talk to me.

One word I would NOT want to see is Gobsmacked. I hate that word with a passion.


naida said...

fun post! I have a 'look' as well when I have my heart set on arguing something.
The heart sign in the dictionary?? Why?? Technically a real heart doesn't even look like that.

Kelly said...

I saw a story about some of the "new" words, too, and I believe it included "LOL" and some other text abbreviation (can't remember which one). Another phrase it included that I had to laugh at was "muffin top"! My husband had never heard that one...which I was amazed at since I suffer from the syndrome at times.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Just pass the tacquitos and everything we ♡ will work out in the end. ;)

Bleeding Healer said...

Hey Tracy as usual interesting post. I have an award waiting for you at my blog, I don't know if you are into awards and all or not, nevertheless I did present with you one. Take care. Much love.

....Petty Witter said...

Thanks for all the comments and the award - I truly appreciate you visiting.

Jenners said...

Oh no no no no no!!!! I am not cool with a symbol being in the dictionary. I'll take all the other stuff but not a symbol. That is just wrong.

GMR said...

LOL...yeah I can see where the look would have come from in reading that. ^_^ Though I have to say, I like the addition of "scrunchy"...hehe.

Miranda said...

That tasty definition really confused me. I always thought I was in touch with slang terms but I guess not. Anyways, cleaver blog you have here and thanks for saying hello! It was so sweet to see your comment.
Take care