6 Mar 2011


The 21st book read for the 100+ Reading Challenge.

Eden Brent is devastated at the stinging slap she receives from her sister. Myra has always been devoted to the younger girl; what could have caused this change of heart?

Myra is simply trying to prevent her beloved sister from catching the predatory eye of Ava Russell, the cruel mistress of Moorcroft House. But her action is to have dire consequences. Believing herself abandoned, Eden sets off, penniless, to make her way in the world alone.

Eden will enjoy the kindness of strangers; but her path will also cross that of vicious evildoers, bent only on drawing innocents into their web of depravity and corruption. And in the meantime, Myra makes the greatest sacrifice of all - for the love of her sister.
...... Inner front cover.

FIRST SENTENCE: "I told you never to come to this house!" Myra Brant's eyes blazed with passion.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Dora Benson was too poor to waste anything, even words.

KEEP IT OR NOT: Not, this is one destined for either the book exchange or the charity shop.

Expecting a really good historical novel, I was truly disappointed.

How to describe For The Love Of A Sister? A story that wasn't literally in two halves, it just felt that way. The 'first' part being what can probably best be described as a bodice-ripper in style but with a difference, the 'second' a murder story-come-mystery-come-love story, this really was a mish-mash of plots which sadly for me just didn't gel.

It wasn't just the plot(s) I didn't like either, most of the characters I also found lacking in something (personality/presence?) and bordering on the bland. The only remotely interesting thing being that the villain of the piece was a middle-class, (I'm guessing) middle-aged woman who (and I hope I'm not saying too much here) was abusive in the way that is normally the reserve of male characters.

Going back to the plot ......

The first half, which I found particularly difficult, mainly dealt with the relationship between ladies maid Myra and her mistress Ava. A tale of power, abuse and a secret that neither women wants others to find out about, to be honest I found some of the words used, and one term in particular, quite offensive though I dare say it was commonly used at the time the story took place. And judging by the number of times it was used during the telling of the story I suspect that the author may have reckoned on this and used it as a shock tactic.

Getting ever so slightly better, but then it would be hard-pressed to get any worse, the second half looked mostly at  the relationships between Myra's younger sister Eden and the three (four?) men in her life. A kind of love story I found this to be (yawn) predictable,  much as I did the 'mysterious' plot that was the 'old man' in need of a walking stick who was seen at the site of several murders.

As I said at the beginning I found this to be a disappointing read and especially as I had heard such good things of this author. An ex-library stock read, thankfully I only paid 30p for it.


Mary said...

I don't think this is one for me - I really appreciate your review. I wonder if any of the author's other books are better, assuming there are others.

Misha said...

I think I will avoid this book. Thanks for the honest review, Tracy!

Dorte H said...

A pity it wasn´t better. I like the idea of a story about sisters (having two of the very best kind myself), but it sounds as if the writer tried to put too much into one book.

Vivienne said...

Doesn't pique my interest either. You don't seem to be having much luck lately with the books. Hopefully the next one will be good.

Kelly said...

Sorry it was a disappointment. It sounds like one that would have interested me, too. You've saved me the same disappointment.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Thanks for the honest review. Don't think this one would be for me. Maybe the author needed to concentrate on one aspect.

naida said...

too bad it dissapointed. thanks for the honest review.

Jenners said...

Based on the few things you shared from the start, I thought this might not be the best book.

GMR said...

Great memorable moment there. Your description of your experience matches what I thought while reading the mini-synopsis....a jumble of plots. Sometimes a potentially great story gets lost within the multiple roads the author sees in their mind...too bad. Better luck on your next read!

naida said...

too bad it dissapointed, the premise sounds good.