10 Jan 2011


Well, I suppose it's a bit different from the usual inflatable bouncy castle.

A fire service spent twenty six thousand pounds of taxpayers money on a blow-up bouncy fire engine. (Why?) To educate people about fire safety. - 06/01/2011.

Not tonight darling, I have a headache - no longer a valid excuse for avoiding an evening of passion?

Women who want to repel an unwanted suitor should think of something sad and shed a tear, research suggests,
Scientists have discovered that chemicals in emotional tears appear to act as a 'turn off' to men. - Richard Alleyne. (07/01/2011)

(The bad news....) David Soanes and his wife Rebecca lost the twelve thousand pound van from outside their home.
(The good news.....) Months later, their 11 year old son, Reuben, was browsing STREET VIEW when he saw a man in the family's drive next to a 4x4 vehicle.
It is thought the image was captured on the day of the theft in June 2009 but (more bad news....) in line with Google's privacy policy, the vehicle's number plate had been blurred out. Detectives are 'in negotiation'  with Google to obtain the original image. - (07/01/2011)

Like Paris's Eiffel Tower, really?????

One is a European capital city, famed for its cultural landmarks, style and je nais quoi. The other is an inner city suburb once named England's most deprived neighbourhood.
But the apparent gulf in status between Paris and Harpurhey has not stopped civic officials in the Manchester district trumpeting its similarities with the French capital, and requesting a friendship agreement that would see them twinned.
They have likened a rejuvenated chimney to Paris's most famous landmark - naming it H'Eiffel Tower.
Pat Karney, councillor for Harpurhey, said: "I think Parisians would recognise themselves in Harpurhey people. Like them, we are proud of our area and aspirational about our place in the world.
"We are also very romantic - in the summer, Rochdale Road is like the Champs d'Elysees.” - Victoria Ward (07/01/2011)

And talking of attractive .......

There could be an added benefit to healthy eating, as a study has found that consuming certain fruits makes people more attractive.
Research at St Andrews and Bristol universities discovered that heavily pigmented produce, such as carrots and plums, made those who ate them more appealing. - (08/01/2011)

How I wish I had a purse full of these coins.

The Royal Mint admitted producing a two pound coin engraved with a spelling mistake. The coin, to mark the 400th anniversary of the GUNPOWDER PLOT bears the words 'Pemember the fifth of November' around the outer rim.
The coin was produced in 2005 and the mistake went unnoticed for five years. The coins are fetching more than ten pounds on eBay. -(08/01/2011)

Not just the birth of a new year.

One English hospital (Burton's Queen's) saw 11 babies born on the 1/1/11. -  (08/01/2011)

Please note:- all of today's newspapers articles came from the Telegraph apart from the last article which was found in the Guardian.


chitra said...

Intersting snippets. I like the news about the H'Eiffel tower and 11 babies in an English hosp. on1/1/11.

Su said...

If you eat too many carrots, you'll be attractive to those who like their partners to be orange... ;)

Misha said...

I never find such amusing snippets in newspapers! :D
Thanks for sharing them with us!

A said...

Excellent Monday morning dose.Always pick very interesting mix. I have heard about the 'tears' in the local news here too.

Can you post link to healthy food and being attractive? I tried every where but could not reach to main story - Thanks. You can email me if you want.

....Petty Witter said...

A - Slightly different to the actual paper version of the story, the fruit article can be found at:-


dr.antony said...

I really enjoyed this post.
I already bought a good supply of carrots and plums and decided to try your recipe for becoming attractive.I am a bit worried,because most of the nurses already tell me I am attractive.

I liked that emotional tear.Even otherwise, most encounters of those passionate nights are actually rapes.

Sometime back,a Sudanese doctor in our hospital went to sleep smoking a cigarette.His bed went on fire and the fire fighters came in no time and flooded his whole house.He lost everything in his house.

Melissa Gill said...

My nephew had a blow up bouncy fire engine that my sister got for 45.00 at Costco, so...

I wonder what Parisians think about that post comparing Paris to Harpurhey?

Amazing it took 5 years to recognize the mistake on that coin?

Thanks for the news.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I LOVED the coin story. Amazing that people are buying them just because they had a spelling mistake engraved on them.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, especially about the stolen vehicle. I expect we'll see that in a TV show sometime soon. XD

StarTraci said...

I hope that Google works with that family. How frustrating to see the person who took your car but not be able to track him down!

I think that the Pemember coin would be perfect for Pen and Paper. And the fact that they are running at 500% face value doesn't hurt!

I'm sorry but the chimney does not look like the Eiffel Tower to me but more power to Harpurhey! :-)

Finally, maybe my daughter will eat her veggies now that I can tell her that they will make her beautiful.

Alyce said...

Are they talking about the city Manchester? Because I've been to Manchester, and although I enjoyed my visit, it didn't really scream "Paris" to me (then again I've never been to Paris). :) Maybe I just didn't make it to the right neighborhood.