4 Dec 2010


Thank goodness for the draft facility! As unwell as I have been, I'm afraid it was Pooter who has brought about my lack of visiting. Yes there has been a fatality in the Petty Witter household and on Thursday morning Pooter decided not to play anymore and needs a visit to the PC hospital for a more formal diagnosis. As I am unfamiliar with the lap-top (I don't even know how to turn it on.) it is up to Hd to ensure my pre-prepared posts still appear.

You know I had thought I had this whole technology thing sussed but obviously not as it has completely thrown me how Pooter is kaput, has ceased to function and yet there for all to see are my witterings. So I shal endeavour to master the lap-top over the weekend, Hd may die in the process, its the lack of a mouse that throws me.

Hd - I have given up trying to explain how the internet works, it just doesn't sink in. This is someone who used to believe that the washing machine was powered by little men running around on a wheel inside the machine. I don't think Pooter is deaded but the power pack has blown. Not fatal but temporarily disabling.


University professor Lola Dakota has suffered at the hands of her abusive husband for too long and when the police get wind of his plan to hire a hitman to kill her, she agrees to take part in an undercover operation to fake her own murder. the sting seems successful and her husband is arrested. However, less than an a couple of hours later and Lola is dead again ...... this time for good.

Brought in to assist the NYPD, assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cooper finds herself led into the strange world of academia at Columbia University: a world riddled with petty jealousies, swindled funds and extra-marital affairs. And as Alex continues to uncover disturbing tales about missing students and drug dealers, the one common thread is the university's research site on an island off Manhattan - the remains of a Victorian penitentiary, hospitals, lunatic asylums and morgue - the Deadhouse.
..... for the outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE: It was hard not to smile as I watched Lola Dakota die.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: The need to to explore the lives of the people whose tragedies came our way took us ti intimate places I had no more desire to enter than the deceased would have had to let me in.

A great, atmospheric cover (sorry that I was not able to show it to better advantage), this sounded like a wonderful read - just my cup of tea, a crime novel with mention of Victorian hospitals, lunatic asylums and a morgue, all of which I admit hold a rather macabre fascination for me. Shame it turned out not to be nearly as exciting or dramatic as I'd hoped.

A rather long read (543 pages), at times this felt a bit like wading through toffee in that though you persisted in trying to move forward you knew you were going nowhere fast.

To be totally honest, I really didn't like this novel but more than that I was disappointed in it. I thought the characters were poorly written and found myself unable to relate to any of them and certainly unable to empathise with their situation BUT worse still I thought at times that the author asked us to believe things that just weren't possible loosing any credibility in the plot that I might have had. A bit too harsh? Probably but there was one bit - I won't say too much in fear of a spoiler but I will say the bit in the morgue near the end of the book that was so far-fetched as to be totally beyond belief.

Ex-library stock, The Deadhouse was purchased at my local library.


Mary said...

I don't mind going out on a limb where believability is concerned but there is a limit. Sorry this book disappointed you.

Misha1989 said...

I hope you get better.Good luck with the lap-top!
The synopsis sounded so good . I am sorry that its not a great book.I like atmospheric books but I hate it when the characters are completely unrelatable and unrealistic.

Mamakucingbooks said...

Sounds good from the synopsis.
500 pages is a bit long for a thriller. Normally is around 300pages.

Su said...

You mean that's not how the washing machine works?

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Well, shucks. That sounded like a good one!

Poor little Pooter! I hope all goes well! (Those darn laptops-they're so confusing! Especially if something doesn't work. Must call in the Geek Squad! And yes, that is actually a service that helps with computer problems. :))

Thanks for the review!

Vivienne said...

Poor pooter, worn out from all that over use. The book sounds good.

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear that your computer has joined you in not feeling well!!

I use a laptop, but I also use a wireless mouse with mine. For that matter, you can have HD just plug pooter's mouse into the laptop for you. Should work fine.

I have another novel by this author on my shelf, but haven't ever gotten around to it since my husband (or maybe it was my daughter) said it wasn't that good. Don't guess I'll bother with this one, either.

purplume said...

It sounds so good from the synopsis. Thanks for saving me from it. XD

Alexia561 said...

I have a laptop, but missed the mouse so much that I plugged it into the side and am now happy as can be! Hope Pooter isn't really dead and just needs a booster shot. Good luck!

naida said...

Thats quite the first line.
sorry it dissapointed, the premise sounds good. Insane asylums and morgues in a story and I'm excited to read it myself.

GMR said...

Ooh...hope the pooter gets well soon! ^_^

Too bad on the book...it seems worse sometimes when the book is longer in length and the enjoyment of it just never comes. Cie la vie...hopefuly happy reading for your next pick.